YOUR Startup Will FAIL!

Yes, you, person reading this! I can tell you (with 99% certainty!) that YOUR STARTUP WILL FAIL!

“WTF!” you might be saying. 
“How can you possibly know that?” you might be asking.
(And “F*** YOU!” you might be thinking.)

Don’t be mad at me — I’m just the messenger! I’m actually trying to HELP you! I’m trying to encourage you to NOT quit your job and go all-in/full-time, unless/until you have some legit RELIABLE OBJECTIVE INDICATOR(S) to refute the statement that YOU WILL FAIL (which we can say, with 99% certainty, based simply on historical statistics and probabilities — nothing to do with “you” personally!)

Despite your excitement, optimism, passion, confidence, whatever — which, Spoiler Alert: do you really think those things are unique to you?? that all/most other entrepreneurs don’t have all those same feelings about their startup?? — the fact is that you will be quitting the security of your job/salary/benefits/etc. and going all-in on something that, objectively, statistically, has a ~99% probability of failure! 
[And yet, there are many in the startup community who will bait you into that all-in/full-time plunge with rhetoric like “you’re not a REAL entrepreneur unless you go all-in/full-time”]

Therefore… YOUR confidence, YOUR assumptions, YOUR hypotheses — can simply NOT be OBJECTIVE about YOUR startup (because EVERY ENTREPRENEUR has those about THEIR startup!)… Therefore, we strongly recommend PART-Time Starter Startups” at least until you achieve some RELIABLE OBJECTIVE INDICATORS of better-than-average (~1%) success likelihood.

NOTE: Keep in mind — those entrepreneurs saying you need to “go all-in” (because that’s how they did it?) are the exceptions, the outliers, the 1% to have achieved startup success. And I believe it is almost ALWAYS a mistake to use Outliers as Benchmarks — at least without seriously considering the question of: Correlation vs. Causation?

[CORRELATION] Everyone always seems so sad in photos, sitting in front of brick walls. Therefore, I conclude [CAUSATION] brick walls make people sad.

Was their success BECAUSE they went all-in / full-time from the start? (IN SPITE of it? UNRELATED to it?) Keep in mind — you will simply NEVER hear the stories from the 99% where the decision to go all-in may have led to unnecessary financial stress, depression, bankruptcy, etc. as their startup eventually failed despite the confidence and commitment displayed by their “all-in” decision… some of whom, I’d like to imagine, would read all my thoughts on this page and say something like:

“Wait, you mean I could have given it a shot PART-time, nights and weekends, tested my assumptions and hypotheses, WITHOUT giving up the safety and security of the salary and healthcare of my full-time job?!? Without sacrificing my personal savings, my credit score, my health, my marriage… my sanity?!? What the F***?!? Why the F*** did I listen to everyone who baited me with taunts like: “you’re not a REAL entrepreneur unless you take the plunge and go all-in, full-time!”?!?

P.S. No question, starting part-time can be difficult and can present it’s own unique set of challenges! However:
A) Full-time is no picnic either. (And we’ve established that the status quo isn’t exactly churning out startup winners at a statistically great rate.)
B) Part of our “ Plan” is to actually create some programs/movements that encourage some strategic thinking that will hopefully make it a LITTLE BIT easier and more effective to START with PART-Time “Starter Startups!”