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What if one of the reasons that ~99% fail is simply this:

A. What if those with the time, interest, passion, and hustle to START (potentially-)great businesses are just not (often) the ones with the experience/expertise to build/scale it into a great company?

B. Conversely…

Compared to your peers (the other students at this event), how do YOU feel that YOU compare to THEM?
Don’t over-think it. Just answer HONESTLY. We ALL have Strengths AND Weaknesses!

I’ll come back to this column when I have more time to elaborate more on what the point was…

So (of course!) there is an incredibly skewed perception of just how many entrepreneurs and startups are struggling and failing (~99%?) compared to the success stories (~1%?)…

While you might hear (or speculate) the reasons for failure by any 1, 2, or 5 individual entrepreneurs/startups, the reality is that, on…

Yes, of course we all like to SAY:

“I learned more from my failures than I did from my successes”

“It’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up”

“Live and learn… Nobody said it would be easy… It’s always darkest before the dawn… [blah blah blah]”

But, let’s be honest…

*IF* we…

ABSURD (Absurdly Accurate?) ANALOGY — Re: Experienced Entrepreneurs Who Just Watch as 1st-Time Entrepreneurs Fail at the Same Rates & For the Same Reasons We’ve Seen Over & Over for Years!

First Half of Analogy:

“Oh, no! You got hit by a car?!?

Was it perhaps a silver 2015 BMW X3…?

…that ran a red light at the corner of Piedmont and Peachtree…??

…on a Tuesday, around 9:07am…???”

— Wow! Yes, that’s exactly right! How did you know that?!?

“ LOL……

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Back in the ~1700’s, the average life expectancy was ~35 (horrific by today’s standards!), but it wasn’t really seen as “a problem” because that’s “just the way it [was]” so most people couldn’t even fathom a world where we routinely live to be 80, 90, or 100+.

Now, let’s talk…


Startup *S.H.I.T. to Share! *Strategies/Hypotheses/Insights/Theories (to discuss/debate/demonstrate)

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