Medium — An Introduction

Hello Everyone,

To make the student experience more engaging with peer-to-peer collaboration, we are using Medium. The idea is to develop collections or publications for the case studies that you all will go through on our online platform. You can create your solutions to the assignments on medium and we will collate your solutions onto these collections or publications. This would enable you to look at the perspectives of your peers for better understanding of the case studies.


  1. You need to create an account on Medium (
  2. To create your solution, in the home page click on ‘Write a story’ in the top right corner. Title it as ‘Solution to Assignment #___ Case Study #____’.
  3. To add graphs etc. you need to save them as images and then click on the ‘+’ symbol on the left side of the page and then click on the camera symbol to upload image.
  4. Once you are done with your solution, click on ‘Publish’ in the top right corner and then click on Publish again in the dialog box that opens to confirm that you’ve created your solution.
  5. Once you have published your solution, copy the URL from the address box and paste it onto Canvas where you are prompted to submit a solution.
  6. You can look at solutions from different students on the pages of the individual case studies which are called ‘Collections for /Company name/ case study’. The links to these pages have been shared on Canvas in the individual case studies.
  7. To get your solutions onto the ‘collections’ we will send you a request to publish your solution. Please approve this once you receive a mail.

For any queries, please send a mail to the contact address on the publication page. Click on ‘More Stories’ on the left side on the publication page and under ‘Elsewhere’ you will find a mail symbol beside the twitter and facebook logo. You could also contact your teaching assistants and/or buddies in case of any issues.

Please do make the most of this resource by submitting your solutions and commenting.

All the best!

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