The beautiful on the rooftop of the Partech Shaker…

8 new startups are about to change the world

The past few months have been an amazing ride

The v1.1 saw founders coming from Bangladesh, Vietnam, India and, of course, France. It was thrilling. Mentors and teams alike loved the experience of making Startup42 a truly international program reflecting the ambitions of everyone.

Looking back

We heard a lot of great news coming from our alumni. And it is now time to look back on the stats and see how we have been doing so far:

Yes, you read well.

So whether they appear in the news or not, our founders are true entrepreneurs who provide value to the world. And we know how to cherry-pick them and help them before everyone else.

You will have the chance to watch 8 more stories unfold publicly for the first time

20 more entrepreneurs are going to graduate from our program. They are building the future of: Virtual Reality, Fitness, Music, Image Processing, E-Commerce, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Soccer. And they all are demo ready for you.

Curious to know what great founders look like when they start? You want to be the first to bet on them and work with them? Or you’d simply like to join us for a cool party celebrating entrepreneurship and tech culture?

Shoot an email at and tell me you’d like to get an invite for this very special event on the 21st of September at the Partech Shaker!