Women’s role in Democracy

How can women participate in policymaking?

Aman Gupta
Jul 5, 2017 · 3 min read
Source: Huffington Post

Women & Democracy

We are living in world’s largest democracy. About 48.5% population of this great nation is female. This means almost half of our country is represented by women. Still, only 11.3% of women represents our country in 16th Lok Sabha. However, this is the highest participation of women in Lok Sabha in the history of Independent India. But, this figure still needs to improve for better participation.

Healthy Participation

When we talk about a democracy, Discussion and Debate are the core requirements of it. By simply discussing and debating various issues, we are able to keep this democracy alive. When such discussions go further, they will help to drive decisions and ultimately improves policies.

So, How could today’s Indian women make themselves ready for their participation in our democracy? There is a very specific quality in human beings to discuss and debate with each other. The frequency of this quality is quite high in Indian Women and they can utilize it to in a positive direction via discussing politics and policies. This will help to trigger a chain reaction within them which will help them to dwell further on such issues.

The habit of asking questions is one the most important habit in human history which helped us to explore the unexplored. The habit of discussion and debate will raise more questions, which will further act as a catalyst for becoming a perfect changemaker or policymaker.

New Beginning

Nowadays, everyone is using the internet in their daily lives. Apart from using it only for leisure purpose, you can use it to improving your knowledge, expressing your opinions, etc. around issues. You can use various forums, social networks for such purposes. A great example will be YourMarch, India’s first network for Voters. It will be a perfect starting point for anyone to dwell into the discussion on policies and politics.

Join YourMarch, India’s First Network For Voters

Being representing half of the nation, women should be more participative, more questioning and more vibrant to make this democracy more healthy.

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Aman Gupta is Co-founder & CEO of YourMarch. He is working with his team on this disruptive platform to bring governance and technology on the same plate. He is very passionate about the way technology can be used to disrupt old models of democracy where the contribution of citizens was limited.

In his free time, you can find him playing games, lots of games :-). You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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