StartupAZ Newsletter: Issue 06

Beth Cochran
Oct 8 · 3 min read
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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

One of the hallmarks of a great entrepreneur is the ability to invent and reinvent. They continually ask why and rarely take things at face value. There’s always room for improvement — and perhaps a new model that could enhance the existing or completely upend it.

That rare trait has brought about digital tools that automate the care coordination process like Rovicare has done, or redefine solar technology and smart home energy management through AI as HALEE has done, and digitize the used car selling process such as the case with Motovera.

Masters of invention and reinvention. Entrepreneurs like Bobby Adams, founder of Motovera, see opportunities where others don’t. Bobby is a third-generation automotive dealer owner/operator who saw a flaw in the existing auto consignment model and decided to do something about it. He disrupted his own industry, first with The Used Car Club in 2018, and then with the evolution of that company into Motovera, a technology-enabled automotive consignment platform.

Not only do these entrepreneurs see where they can create new categories, they’re also not afraid to continually reinvent themselves and their businesses. Another example of this is Eli Chmouni who pivoted his business after realizing a gap in the market he was already serving. In doing so, that brought about what is now known as Neon, a digital signage software company. In our latest Collective Conversation, Eli talks about that reinvention and how it opened a new world of opportunities for his team.

Opportunities indeed! These rapid-growth, Arizona-based startups have more than 150 of them!

More corporate executives are reinventing their careers, tossing the traditional ladder aside to chart a new path. And for many, that means taking a chance on a startup. Donna McLaughlin-Travis, COO of BoldLeads, is one example. And she shares her story in our latest series, “Exec Chats: From Corporate to Startup”.

Eli Chmouni is a master of invention and reinvention. A series entrepreneur with two successful exits under his belt, when he sees a need that’s not being addressed or could be addressed in a better way, he sets out to deliver a solution. In this Collective Conversation, Eli shares what led to Neon, the challenges he and the team have had to overcome in building and scaling it, and what he believes have been the biggest contributors to their growth.

Watch the full interview (or check out the Q&A).

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