How To Ask Your Employer For A Raise (And Actually Get It!)

Looking to get a raise at your current job?

Here are 5 simple steps I highly recommend you use in order to land a successful raise:

  1. Plan ahead.

Figure out exactly when you are going to ask for the raise and start tracking your performance.

The key to getting your raise is to bring actual data showing how valuable you are to your employer.

Start compiling a file of this data right now to share. You should have at least three months of data to share before asking for your raise.

2) Work hard.

This should be obvious, but you never know.

Work the hardest you have ever worked. Work on extra projects. Help your co-workers as much as you can. Continue to track all of the work you are accomplishing.

There should be no doubt in your employers mind the value you bring to the company.

3) Know your exact worth.

You need to have an exact dollar amount in mind for the raise you would like to receive. Never ask for a raise without a specific dollar value.

For example: “I would like to receive a raise of $5,000 a year based of the value I bring to the company.” Feel free to add 10% extra to your desired amount if the value you bring justifies it.


There is a chance your employer will attempt to negotiate compensation with you. In case that does happen you have built in 10% of wiggle room to work with.

If they don’t try to negotiate you just received an additional 10% raise.

You are welcome!

4) Schedule the meeting.

Meet with your supervisor and schedule your meeting a few days out.

If they want to meet right away, kindly decline.

Let your supervisor know that you want to be fully prepared and not rushed. If they ask what the meeting is about you can let them know you will be discussing your compensation.

Your goal is to get the meeting on the calendar.

5) Have the meeting.

Show up on time. Let your employer know your worth (since you have been tracking everything, right).

Ask firmly, but kindly for the raise. You know your value. You deserve it.

All the hard work has been done. Now it is time for the reward!

Good luck!

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