#ThinkInsideTheBus 💚

People think of StartupBus as a competition, a hackathon, or a boot camp. We think that StartupBus is better described as a way of thinking.

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has left its mark on many people’s lives. We’ve decided after having the Bus parked for two years, we’re back. And we’re making it different!

StartupBus has traditionally been a competition on wheels with limited time and resources. It turns ordinary people into extraordinary founders through an inspirational and fast-paced experience. It results in an international tech talent network that bridges the technology gap across geographies.

But, After a Pandemic… Are We Still All That?

We are — and more!

Welcome to StartupBus 2022

We‘re preparing for a post-pandemic world still staggering to find its feet and ride a wave of new opportunities.

We fundamentally believe the following:

  • Great ideas are being shaped and locked inside many heads. For years now.
  • There are new global issues desperately needing attention
  • We all want to get back to business

So here we are. Brian Davis and myself (Danna), in this new era of opportunities and accelerated change, courtesy of the pandemic. Welcome to the 2022 edition of StartupBus North America.

Pic from our last edition in 2019

Looking back to improve the future

This year we aspire to do our best yet, with a fantastic team already hard at work. Cosmopolitan, inclusive, and diverse, are some of the things we are thinking about. And so are these other key ideas:

Invest in under-served communities

We want to focus on two specific communities explicitly.

  • Black entrepreneurs: Talent can be found in every corner of the country, opportunity, however, is not evenly distributed. For many years, African-Americans have not had access to the life-changing opportunities the tech world can provide, and we’re seeking to obliterate that barrier yet again.
  • Latinxs: The tech potential in this area is immeasurable, as are the positive impacts of the tech industry: improving economies, increasing education competencies, improving infrastructure, raising job opportunities, enhancing institutional and regulatory frames, and fighting poverty. Great changes can be achieved with the right push!

Invest post the event

The LAB, what we are calling it for now, is a new idea of the original vision of StartupBus. We, as the StartupBus community, will incubate the best concepts from the competition post the event. We’re are making StartupBus a factory for disruption.

Invest in Austin

We’re back to where it all began!

Invest in the experience

We are carefully re-evaluating the experience of StartupBus and how we can make it even better. This is going to be no rinse-and-repeat event.

Follow us on our social media networks to know when we’ll start recruiting our next generation of Buspreneurs. Applications open soon!

And if you want to be part of this mesmerizing edition:

  • 👩‍✈️ Ride us and become a legendary StartupBus conductor
  • 💰 Sponsor a Bus
  • 🤝 Contribute to our Diversity Fellowship Program
  • 👨🏻‍🏫 Partner with us as a mentor and champion
  • 🚏 Host a stop in your community

🐤 Or share this!

⚡️ Shout out to Elias, our founder, for this sublime opportunity! Special thanks to Brian: my greatest support!! And cheers to the whole core team for their magic: Rulo, Annel, Mandy, Carlos, Julio, Claudia, Abril and Ernesto. You guys rock!




Stories from the road trip and startup competition like no other. Do you have what it takes? Apply today at https://startupbus.com

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