10+ Startup Event Calendars in Berlin

Maren Lesche
Jan 22, 2017 · 4 min read

A meetup at Hubraum, a Hackathon at Ahoy, a talk at The Factory — Berlin is known for its overload of events. Some days more than 20 exciting events are competing for local entrepreneurs, visiting corporate executives and digital nomads. To run successful events, promotion is important to ensure a “full house”. Here 10+ calendars, platforms and social media outlets you can use to reach the right people:

Publications & Calendars

BerlinValley: With 7,500 subcribers online and more than 15,000+ fans on Twitter and Facebook, the German magazine BerlinValley, founded in 2014, is a must for every event organizer. The calendar is simple and very user-friendly. It also covers international events. Selected events might be also covered in BerlinValleys newsletter. Again, events should be uploaded at least 4 weeks beforehand.

TechBerlin.com: The website and the newsletter reach more than 20,000 people. You can submit events via a special online form. There is no character limit. The audience is multinational. Events and content it in English.

Deutsche Startups: The German online portal Deutsche Startups is also listing events. You can reach out to the editorial team to pitch your event so it gets added to their website and picked up in their social media channels with its more than 100,000 fans. Be aware: German publication!

Gründerszene: Gründerszene is one of the leading startup magazines in Berlin. Event organizers can use a special online form to upload events. However, the Gründerszene team curates all entries. The description of the event you want to promote has to be shorter than 500 characters. Moreover, you will need a link to a visual to increase the likelihood to be published. Gründerszene is promoting sponsored events on its strong social media outlets. Do not be surprise if your meetup does not make it into the calendar. Gründerszene is picky. Please also keep in mind, Gründerszene is a German publication.

Heureka: In 2016, the event organizers of the Heureka conference launched a special online magazine to cover selected startup news in English. Heureka belongs to Vertical Media — the mother company of Gründerszene. After the shut-down of Venture Village, Heureka is the only English speaking outlet of the Vertical Media Group. Heureka doesn’t have a special online calendar, but you can reach out to the editors to get covered.

Junge Gründer: The German publication is focussing on early-stage entrepreneurs and students. Events can be pitched via email to the editors via redaktion@junge-gruender.de to be highlighted at its very structured online calendar. If you pitch right, your event will also be promoted on Facebook to Junge Gründers more than 12,000 fans. PS: Kevin Pflock, the founder of Junge Gründer, can be also found on many events. Watch out for him!

Silicon Allee: In 2015, Silicon Allee — Berlins oldest English speaking startup blog — changed its format to a feature-focused magazine. You can reach out to the editors to get event coverage or visit their monthly breakfast meetup — a great place to mingle with other event organizers and movers & shakers in Berlin.

Foundum: If you are working internationally, Foundum is a great add-on to post your event. The ecosystem in Berlin that is connected via Foundum is rather small — just 300 people — but the community on Foundum is growing. If you are a member — free sign-up — you can easily upload your event to its calendar.

Gründer Metropole Berlin: The German portal is focussed on features and does not have a calendar. It is worth reaching out to the editors if you want to invite German speaking founders or get great pictures from the event.

Some social media outlets and groups

Social Media outlets are great to engage the local Berlin community.

But keep in mind: Do not spam. Become a valuable member of the social media groups before your event — give and share, before you take and promote!

Facebook Groups you have to follow:

Twitter & Google+

Yes, Google+ is not dead. There is an active group on Berlin Startup news with more than 3,600 members. On Twitter do not forget to tag the most relevant influencers and accounts.


Special advice

PS: If you have more valuable links and portals, please ping me or comment so I can add it.


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… a blog providing advice for early-stage #startups, telling startup stories from European #entrepreneurs and smart minds. Powered by Maren Lesche, storyteller & Startup Specialist from Berlin.

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… a blog providing advice for early-stage #startups, telling startup stories from European #entrepreneurs and smart minds. Powered by Maren Lesche, storyteller & Startup Specialist from Berlin.