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My favorite App: Twitter

Twitter might be a niche product in Germany — only 0.9 of the total of three million accounts in Germany are active ones; this equals in adverage approx. 590 follower per account, as Wirtschaftswoche highlighted this week — but I love the microblogging app. Here are a few reasons why you should not ignore Twitter if you are a startup — even if you live in let’s say Germany, France or Central Eastern Europe, where other social media outlets are more popular:

  • Think Global! If you want to establish an international brand, think global in terms of communications. Worldwide Twitter counts 304 million monthly active users. Especially in the US… and Silicon Valley where the money is…..Twitter is well established with 52.9 million
  • Digital Normads love Twitter! Millenials consider the world their global playground. Keep all the expats in mind that work in Germany and might be customers, potential employees or embassadors for your product or service. Also think ahead: You might want to work in another country and social networks are a great way to create a strong public footprint that helps to stick out.
  • Twitter does not age: In contrast to Facebook Twitter has been able to attract a rather young audience. In the US 11.3 million users are between 25 and 34 years old. The Twitter community is also growing.
  • Twitter is a great communications tool: Don’t underestimate Twitter as a mere tool to spread news or promotion. The movers and shakers all over Europe are having entire conversations via DM or tweets. I reach out to most of my editor contacts via Twitter.
  • Twitter is no rocket science! It’s not hard to master the microblogging app. There are clear rules. Just follow some simple tricks and you will see results right away. Moreover, Twitter is not really time consuming. A few minutes each day or any other day will do.
  • Twitter helps you to stick out! Because there are many users that just read and share but do not communicate actively, you will stick out if you provide valuable content. Especially at events, Twitter can put you in the (online) spotligt.
  • Twitter is not spammed by advertising! Twitter has a rather high credibility — not so much promoted posts, less trolls.

So truely no reason to hold you back, right?

PS: Read my other post on how to start Twitter successfully.



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