Never Eat Alone: Day 10 (with) Michael Baum

After I skipped a day ofNeverEatAlone and took Sunday off, I truely planned to get back on the horse
again today. Tonight I wanted to reconnect with Michael Baum, serial founder and CEO of


Due to some projects at work, I arrived late at Startup Monday, an event organized by TU Berlin, where Michael was supposed to speak about his 8 secrets for success. I had met Michael in Munich and Paris in Summer 2014, talked with him via skype and stayed in contact via LinkedIn. Michael is a great speaker and absolutly passionate about and the up to 60 startups his organization and he as an entrepreneur are supporting. He is happy sharing his experiences and giving hands-on advice. When a student asked why he is doing it, his answer came quick and with an easy smile „Because it is fun“.

After the official
session, informal networking with snacks and drinks followed. Many young
entrepreneurs closed in on Michael once he reached the networking lounge. I
watched the crowd a while, realizing that Michael was not on his best today. He
looked tired after touring Europe and the USA for a few weeks. I quickly said hello,
had a little chat but took off after 10 mins.

Why? Because that’s
another lesson from NeverEatAlone: If the timing is not right, it is not right.
Building up relationships or reconnecting with acquaintances requires undivided
attention. It is not a one-way-street. If the person is not open — due to
exhaustion, an occupied mind or even a strong cold — do not push it.

However, since there is no
huge story on me drinking beer and eating snacks with Michael Baum, I can at
least share his 8 success factors. :-)