Never Eat Alone: Day 11 with David Knight

Scones, cream cheese and a fresh peppermint tea at Barcomis in Berlin…. yum…. and on top: great company. That’s how my lunch looked like on day 11 of my #NeverEatAlone project. Today, I met David Knight in one of my favorite coffee shops in town. David is the well-known editor of the English startup community slash blog Silicon Allee.


I met David about two years ago working on Telekom Innovation Contest. We never really chatted and he didn’t leave a footprint in my mind. However, in 2014 when my employer EIT ICT Labs launched a pan-european startup contest, David was one of the first media persons to call. Over the last 18 months our cooperation became quite intense. As a media partner for Idea Challenge David travelled all over Europe to cover events and to meet the cool teams that applied and fought for prize money and support from the EU. There have been many road trips, e.g. in France, or long nights drinking, e.g. at CeBIT, with great stories to tell.

Today we talked about running. Last year David joined our team at the company run. Now we both train for marathons — I plan to give the half and the full Berlin Marathon a try. Dave will run 21 km across the new Berlin airport BER in Mid-April. We both have strict training schedules, altering between pushing long distances, muscle training, swimming and relaxation times. But we also struggle with the same issues: at the moment injuries and bad weather are our worst enemies.

While we chatted along, time flew by and we jumped from topic to topic. I asked him about advice for a workshop I am planning for our team. He told me about new projects he is working on with some friends. We also brainstormed on the next highlight that is coming up: Since I pitched successfully at One Spark Berlin they invited me to One Spark Jacksonville, Florida, USA. There is one hell of a road trip ahead of us! And believe me, it is no hassle to travel with David. That’s the beauty: while he can be quite chaotic sometimes, he is a truly easy going person. It also helps that he is interested in many different topics and activities. It is never boring to talk to him. He makes an effort to link to the people around him. I think that’s one reason for his success in Berlins startup community. :-)