Never Eat Alone: Day 12 with Dominik Lahmann

Today has been one of these crazy networking days. I spend my lunch time talking with approx. 20 young IT experts at TU Berlin — some I had met before, some I had never seen so far. Among the familiar faces has been Dominik Lahmann, masters student at Fraunhofer, founder at bitkraut and Software Campus participant.

You probably wonder how I pick the persons I write about — I do the same as investors and HR people do: In a large group there are always people that leave a footprint, personalities that shine out — either in a good or a bad way.


Dominik is memorable — in a good way. :-) He smiles a lot, his laugh is contagious, his gestures open. He seems comfortable in his skin. Moreover, Dominik isn’t shy about asking for favors or making suggestions. Last year he recommended an interior designer to me. I still remember him giving me the business card of a friend. At the moment his startup is looking for co-working space — hopefully I can support! I also have to admit that fellow runners like Dominik are especially easy to talk too since I am running too. :-)

But even if we didn’t have similar interests, Dominik would be my pick for todays blog. Because he is a great example for understatement. My lesson from todays lunch: You do not have to be loud and pushy to be recognized. Sure, you have to stick out — but you can also get noticed in a crowd by small things.

PS: Do not get me wrong, when asked for his opinion Dominik speaks out…. and people listen even more because his relaxed way gives him more credibility.