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Never Eat Alone: Day 13 with Paulina from Geek Girls Carrots Berlin

This is a long overdue post from Day 13 of my Never Eat Alone endeavor. Since I moved into a new flat, travelled a fair bit for business reasons, I had to put my experiment on hold for a while. However, that didn’t stop me from meeting people — a girl a met several times in the last month is Paulina, one of the founders of Geek Girls Carrots Berlin and a fellow blogger.


Geek Girls Carrots, short GGC, is an international organization for women in tech. Founded in Poland, the attendees of the first few meetings couldn’t afford Pizza & Beer but rather had to stick to carrots. That’s apparently how they came up with the name. Today, the organization is growing with new chapters in New York, Ireland and Australia. In Berlin a few hundred female entrepreneurs are regulars at their monthly meetups. Originally from Poland, Paulina is now working as a Junior Product Manager at one of the many Rocket Internet startups in Berlin.

Paulina and I share a common goal: We want to encourage women to drive for success, to be bold, to follow their dreams — by embracing their feminine side. While I work in communications — a field truly dominated by females — Paulina is facing all the challenges a woman in tech has to face. But she also benefits from the huge demand of smart women in IT. Companies like Rocket Internet or organizations like EIT ICT Labs are wooing young female developers. While unemployment remains high, the IT sector is growing and hungry for smart people.

Attending GGC events I met female experts from India, Lithuania or the US — just to name a few. They all came to Berlin to build a career in IT. They all lead by example — doing a great job in their companies, showing male colleagues the benefits of working with female team members or even superiors. While other female organizations focus on political change, Geek Girls Carrots brings women on stage that are successful in their jobs or overcame struggles. And BTW, Paulina is also a great example of how experts with more than 15 years of working experience (like me) can learn from women just taking off in the IT sector — bringing in a new spirit, new ideas and a new kind or self confidence.

My recommendation for today: Doesn’t matter if you are male or female — lead by example, talk about the positive experiences you made and also share the downsides. That’s the only way, other people can learn from you. And if you have spare time: Do not hesitate to become active in organizations like Geek Girls Carrots. No way you can learn from books or the internet what you can learn from talking to people.



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