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Never Eat Alone: Day 14 with Lisa Lang

I am back in business after a few days off. In case you can’t remember, I became a true believer of Keith Ferrazzis book “Never Eat Alone”. So I am right in the middle of my experiment to meet new people or reconnect with acquaintances sharing a meal every day to discover the secrets of successful networking first hand. Today I reconnected with Lisa Lang, one of the most outspoken and funny female entrepreneurs I know in Berlin. If I think of Lisa there are two words that pop into my head immediately: attitude and fun.

Lisa is a Geekette — that’s how I met her — a female founder in the mainly male dominated hardware industry. In 2014 she just started ElektroCouture. Moreover she is Marketing Manager of twillio. Her story is awesome: As a person always interested in new things she is constantly moving, making the impossible possible, finding answers for unspoken questions. She is also absolutely passionate about her startup. After a few years abroad she came back to Berlin and started with volunteer work at re:publica to meet people. Soon after, she became a member of Geekettes, started working at Rainmaking Loft and mentoring young entrepreneurs — giving is natural for her. Late last year she decided to start her own business and is now designing wearable tech. (PS: I felt in love with that jacket!)

Her mission: To make things glow, to make tech in fashion wearable and to bring light into peoples lives. It is natural for her to swear and praise at the same time, to give people insights into her private life, to hold nothing back. And to conquer new ground, pushing boundaries, making things work like using little LED from toys to produce high fashion. Her credo: “If it doesn’t work, f*** it, just try something else.“ It is her attitude that makes her memorable — and of course her striking look with colorful nails, highlights in her hair, art deco jewelry and feminine cloth.

My learning from today: Develop a personality and an attitude you feel comfortable with. Be aware of your story and do not hesitate to tell it — without making things up! Establish a public profile. … and learn from women in tech like Lisa. I am sure she is happy to give advice. :-)



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