Never Eat Alone: Day 6 — I am running, running, running

Overall it has been a good day — it started with a nice working breakfast with one of my favorite colleagues Oliver, was followed by a nice meeting with the re:publica team, which ended with a coffee with Dominik — another of my great colleagues at EIT ICT Labs. I had met or spend time with 4 awesome persons before lunch time already.

But honestly, it did not feel like spending quality time and actually eating. I realized I had felt back into old habits — I am always on the fast lane, running, barely taking time to have lunch.


At 1 pm I had crossed Tiergarten, Moabit, Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg and had covered more than 10km already. In the afternoon I rushed to Friedrichshain. If you ask yourself, why I walked…. due to some “small logistical mismanagement” from my side I had a car but no bike available and parking in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg is a nightmare. Moreover, I decided to get moving to get rid of some energy. And guess what, I am not done yet. In 5 mins I will rush out to catch a night train to Munich.

My lesson from today: You have to slow down to truly meet new people. Clear your schedule and make space for some quality time, for proper and healthy eating! Falling back into old habits is easy — staying true to chance is harder than you though…. even if it is just 6 days.

PS: I promise to be better tomorrow. :-)