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Never Eat Alone: Day 7 with Prof. Florian Matthes

Today I had an easy pick for my #NeverEatAlone project: Prof. Florian Matthes from the Technical University Munich. Why did I decided on him and not one of the more than 20 young IT experts that came to a workshop on Software Campus, the leadership program for computer scientists I support? Because he is somebody so out of my usual crowd. I normally hang out with startups, blogger, editors or PR experts. Attending computer science 101 at Uni — 15 years ago! — and joining some girls at a Django workshop is all the geeky stuff I have ever done myself. A professor — one of the luminary (PS: had to look that word up!) for Software Engineering for Business Information Systems — who is a successful entrepreneur too, is intimidating. Surprisingly I spend more time chatting with Prof. Matthes than with the young master- and PhD students looking for information on Software Campus. He won me over immediately by raiding the buffet. :-)


After we had some delicious finger food, we talked about entrepreneurship, e-mobility, Tesla cars and the new car printed entirely with a 3D printer. (PR: Yes, it exists. Check out the US startup Local Motors!) There are so many exciting research projects coming up at the Technical University Munich — projects that will push e-mobility in Germany, could provide a better infrastructure and make owning an electronic car affordable. There is also always a discussion on the entrepreneurial spirit in Silicon Valley. You can’t avoid comparing markets once you talk about VCs, investment decisions, disruptive technologies or an entrepreneurial mindset.

By writing this post I just realized that the short 30 min talk with Prof. Matthes still keeps my mind busy. I did not intend to pick him as my Never Eat Alone “date” today. But that’s the beauty in meeting new people or getting to know acquaintances in depth: Expect the unexpected. People that look “uninteresting” from a far could be the most inspiring talkers with entertaining stories or thoughts.

I for sure will stay in touch with Prof. Matthes — he is an active twitter user too :-) — and will hopefully see him at one of the startup events I plan to attend in Munich in 2015!



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