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Never Eat Alone: Day 8 with lovely Verena Vellmer

On Friday, I shared at cappuccino with Verena Vellmer from hub:raum.Usually we see each other professionally, talking about upcoming events, joint
projects, media requests, speaking opportunities and much more. Verena is one
of the persons you connect easily — always smiling, always available for a
chat, always in a good mood even if her schedule is packed. Yesterday, she had
just finished a big networking session for international entrepreneurs attending
Startup Safary. Hub:raum is a strong brand in Berlins Startup community — also
due to Verenas unrelenting energy in promoting hub:raum and explaining the incubators services for early-stage


Verena is also amazingly generous. Caring and sharing are deeply
engrained in her personality. Being passionate and giving is second nature to
her. Yesterday she told me a story that is so typical for her daily live: Just
a few days ago one of “her” startups from hub:raum asked her for an intro to
one of Berlins leading startup publications, since the CEO wanted to pitch a
story. Instead of just writing a short intro or giving out an email address,
Verena contacted the editor herself and explained the idea for an article. Her reward? A great story and a successful

And that’s exactly what Never Eat Alone is all about: Sharing and
building trust! That’s also a feature on the Berlin Startup community I like so
much. While in the corporate world you are highly measured on KPIs and facts
and figures, in the startup community relations count and can bring you forward
even more. I myself am happy to support any startup or colleague that inspires
me and ask for advice. But on the other hand I am quiet strict on people that
misuse the trust and ask for favors constantly without giving back. So please do not hesitate to ask for support
but do not cash in too often and without thinking on the generosity of people
like Verena.



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Maren Lesche

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