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Pick of the month: Tattoo Hero from Canada

Meeting a few Canadian startups at 4YFN in Barcelona, I realized how diverse and exciting the Canadian startup community is. And there is one founder that lefta strong footprint in my head: Brandon from Tattoo Hero. We met at Web Summit2014 in Dublin where he explained to me how he came up with a premier softwarethat makes the business of tattooing easy by providing a Software as a Service
cloud based software which tattoo artists can book for a monthly fee.


Brandon, why Tattoos?

We’re incredibly passionate about art and small business, both of which exist heavily in this space. Some of our team members have over 60 hours of tattoo work on them and it’s beautiful. We want to help end the stigma around tattooed people and help those small business owners do what they love.

What problem do you want to tackle?

We know that tattoo artists do truly amazing work and we don’t want them wasting their time with complicated software. We can get a shop up and running in minutes compared to competitors that take hours to days. We want to solve the booking and operating problems that tattoo shops experience everyday — including no shows and operational efficiencies — turning hours, long tasks into minutes long. We truly believe that not only are we in a really amazing market space — the tattoo industry — we also focus heavily on our user experience.

What’s special about your team?

Our core team is unbelievably dedicated to the tattoo industry and are brilliant in their respective fields of work. It’s always humbling to be 18 hours into a work day and look around at my entire staff still in the office doing work, we’re very lucky to have found such an amazing group of people and strive to build a great company culture that supports them.

What was the hardest pitch situation you had to conquer?
The preparations for FounderFuel’s Demo Day, I wrote 32 revisions of my pitch, 67 revisions of our presentation deck and spent ~80 hours rehearsing independently and sometimes in front of amazing mentors and partners from Real Ventures who truly test your limits. And getting candid feedback, though empowering, can take some practise and thick skin to get used to. :)

What are the three buzz words you hate most?

Big Data — way to often people confuse what Big Data is with the idea that it’s ‘a lot of data’ having petabytes does not mean you’re doing Big Data Computing.

Go Viral, and ‘get some press’ — I know it’s not really a buzz word but way to often people tell you to just ‘go get some press!’ like it’s a simple formula you can follow. Writers and contributors work their asses off to make great content for their audiences and you need to respect them, deliver them a great story that resonates with their audience and MAYBE they’ll write about it, they don’t owe you shit. Too many people think they deserve it just because they wrote a paragraph long email.

What numbers have been significant for Tattoo Hero in 2014?

The team has consumed close to 5,000 cups of coffee easy ;) otherwise I’d say our community, we have over 3,000 people on today posted their portfolios, looking for their next tattoo, and talking about the great stuff that happens in this industry.

Why did you attend Web Summit? What are you looking forward to in Europe?

Expanding our business internationally and meeting the great people of the EU and more! It’s a very large market opportunity for us and we really look forward to doing business with all the great people.


are you up to in 2015?

aim to help at least 30,000 businesses by the end of 2015 — we also want
everyone who gets a tattoo to love that piece for life, so sitting in the chair
with the right artist for them is incredibly important.

So please, check out, spread the word about this amazing
startup from Canada and most of all, get inked and enjoy a truly piece of art,
delivered by an tattoo expert that is not only an artist but also a business



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