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Spring is coming! Time to choose your 10 favourite Apps for Fun & Business

Checking out the App Stores I am always blown away. According to
Statista there are millions of apps available for download… and startups,
corporations and event organizers are adding new applications to the list every
minute. In May 2015–12 months ago, more or less ancient history in the
App world — there were more than 1.6 million Apps on Android. 1.5 million apps
could be downloaded in Apple’s App Store.

Here the list of the 10 apps, I love to use or will check out
this Spring:


Apps for Fun

  • With the eMio App you can rent fancy red electro scooters.
    More than 150 shiny scooters can be found all over Berlin and spring is
    definitely time for some cruising around. The app does not only show the
    closest scooter but also gives you access to the helmet box — safety first!
  • Spring also means
    it’s time to get in shape again. After testing tons of fitness and nutrition apps,
    I finally found the one that suits my lifestyle best: MyFitnessPal. Tracking what you eat is easy
    with the help of the barcode scanner. Exercise can be added manually.
  • Instagram! Sun is shining so get out,
    explore the city and take some pictures! Instagram is the easiest and most
    responsive tool I have ever seen. No limitation in hashtags, fancy add-ons to
    edit pictures and short videos work as well as pictures. While Twitter is
    really influencer-driven and Facebook is getting “old”, Instagram is attracting
    a huge and very diverse crowd.
  • RainToday is my life-saver when I am biking in the city. It’s a rain radar — location-based — that
    tells you when it will start to rain and when the pour will ease more or less accurate
    by a square metre. Very helpful and made in Berlin.
  • The beautifully
    designed ChopChop App is great for
    people that like to cook but are no chefs. Based on an AI algorithm that app guides
    you all the way till you have a 3 course meal. I just came across it recently since
    that team is part of the Accelerator European Pioneers and I am still experimenting.
    Happy to hear your feedback.

Apps for Business — and to
get my social media addiction under control!

  • Number26 is on my list too, not because I like their stylish credit card but the insights of my spending and incomes. I love data analysis.
  • Crowdfire:
    Since I am a twitter & Instagram addict, I am always looking for tools to save time and get
    better insights. Crowdfire shows you recent follower, recent un-follower, you
    can benchmark with your customers and also schedule tweets & posts based on the online habits
    of your followers.
  • Nuzzle is awesome to keep track on the most
    trending topics your most important twitter followers are talking about. You
    can also set-up a daily newsletter that highlights the relevant tweets and retweets
    you should be aware of.
  • PS: Snapchat — sorry to say, does not rock my
    world. Which is great: one social app less to deal with. If you are a vivid
    Snapchat user, feel free to let me know what I miss.

New Apps coming

  • Boxify
    is an app solution I saw at CeBIT for the first time. It separates your private
    and business content on your smartphone — very handy for people like me that
    work on a BYOD basis and are always mixing private and business related
    pictures or files.
  • Trackfellas — there is no App yet but the
    team just started so there is time to remedy this: Trackfellas is a community
    of nomads that want to travel offsite the usual roads to make non-touristy
    experiences. Let’s see what the team will come up with in the future.

PS: “out of competition” is definitely
ShareTheMeal — but that’s an app
that needs no testing, just using.

free to comment, send me your favourite apps.



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