Startup Extreme: Day 1

I am back to my diary style, because if there is one activity that screams to be documented this way it is a ROADTRIP. This weeks endeavor is one of the most entertaining, challenging and fun trips I have ever done in my job. STARTUP EXTREME. The name is program, as we say in Germany.

Startup Extreme is an outdoor event for startup enthusiasts. I stumbled on it by accident — or rather via Twitter. Liam Boogar, founder of Rude Baguette, a French startup blog I love, proudly announced his trip to Voss. I had never had Norway on my radar before, but was hooked the first time I went on their website. Black and white with a little hint of color, the website is intriguing. One strong picture of a Norwegian fjord convinced me: I had to apply! Just a few weeks later I received the confirmation via email: I am in. Honestly, I was thrilled and scared at the same time. With the lovely email from the organizers came a list of outdoor activities available: kayaking, paragliding, cliff diving… How many of my limits would I have to push? And how far could I push myself? How much do you have to give as an entrepreneur? Where is the limit?

The following weeks emails from the organizers kept purring in, my excitement grew. Every email had a personal touch and was full of passion. I am a people person and decided that even just meeting Marie and Yvonne was worth the travel to Startup Extreme. Business trips kept me busy, but finally yesterday, I had to pack my bags. While searching for wool socks, getting my backpack from the basement, where I store all my outdoor gear from my backpacking days in Australia, packing warm ski underwear and selecting my tech equipment carefully, I realized how much fun lays ahead of me and how different Startup Extreme truly is from all the other startup events I went to so far.

So here I am, full of energy even after six hours of hopping on and off planes, running through airports carrying my enormous backpack. Writing comes easy and adrenaline flows through my veins. I found my happy place… :-)