Life is all about balance even though I’ve struggled with this my entire life. Regardless if you work a job, run a company, raise a family, etc. It’s all about finding a healthy balance.

Recently I’ve found myself balancing a lot. For the past year I’ve been working on a new Venture and these past 3 months I’ve been doing it from while raising my 18-month old daughter. Aside from that hectic schedule, I also run a few large events each month as well as write. I will admit, writing took a the back burner while I established a routine, but now that I have it down, I’m good to go!

So what should you do if you want to seek balance???

  1. Use your calendar or invest in a solid calendar.

I’m all about efficiency and that starts with the basics. I plan everything out in my life from dedicated work time, meetings, travel to baby naps, meals wake up and sleeping. I find that when I have this tool in place I keep to it. It holds me accountable so I can transition from thing to thing.

This is what my calendar looks like…

I should make note! Don’t invest in a paper calendar, invest in something that notifies you across multiple platforms. I personally recommend Fantastical (app store) as it works with multiple apps simultaneously. Additionally, it works with my apple watch, which I love, because it notifies me without pulling my phone out.

2. Be disciplined with your time.

People and other forces are out to distract you and learning to be disciplined with your time is crucial. With so many things out in the world to enjoy such as games, friends, travel, social media, etc. it’s easy to fall in this trap. I’m not suggesting that you stop doing these things, just make time for them and stick to it. My recommendation is to start with one thing and go from there.

Being disciplined is probably one of the most important things you can learn especially as an entrepreneur. I know this is something I’m still working on and when I meet an entrepreneur that hasn’t grasped this concept it’s concerning.

3. Practice A lot!!!

I know this step is a given, but you will fail at balance initially. developing a habit of not giving up and continually trying will move you closer to sucess (balance)!!!

I would love to connect with anyone out there that either struggles or succeeds with balance. Though I feel like I have great tools and can help keep people accountable, I have much to learn to personally improve.

Here’s how to connect!




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