Complaining Will Destroy You

For whatever reason, I’m feeling great about hitting my 20th article and keeping up my commitment to publish three per week. It’s been very hard to commit to it with everything I’m working on in my life. I’m growing NedSpace, which is one of Portland’s largest coworking spaces. I’m expanding 5–9 PDX, which has one of Portland’s largest monthly networking events. I’m currently getting ready to launch two new companies as well as writing three days a week. Needless to say, I’m busy and that creates an opportunity to complain.

I’m an extremely passionate person when it comes to building things I love. It’s safe to say I’m addicted to the grind and overall hustle. As much as I would love to say that I’ve done everything the right way, I would be lying. I’ve gone through more trials through my first startup than anyone should have too. Hell! I’m still going through trials! The thing I keep in mind is that it’s all a journey, and more importantly, it’s mine!

I want to point out how important it is to embrace your journey and the path you’re on. It’s even more important to let your circumstance fuel you to do great things. I personally grew up with no clear path to college and without any resources to start a business. I worked a regular job, saved up, made good choices with my time and ultimately took a large risk. I did it the “hard way” and personally feel that is the best way. I’m thankful I never had money given to me from family and I’m thankful I learned a lot of lessons early on.

If there was a season of life to mess up, it’s when you’re in your twenties and thirties. Life won’t be over if you loose and you can always recover.

Let me point out an important fact in this article! You have never heard me complain once.

For a lot of people I encounter that show interest in starting a business is that it’s not convenient or an option to go all in. My article posted the other day was all about side hustles and how I hate the passive entrepreneur. I don’t know how someone will be successful if they look at the downside of things and expect good outcomes. Additionally, you really can’t call yourself an entrepreneur if you have a 9–5 mentality. To me, 9–5 is part time and if you’re checking in at 9am and checking out around 5pm, that is a job or a side hustle. It’s ok to be hungry and to pour your energy into something you’re really passionate about. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t put in the work and make something amazing happen.

Complaining is very dangerous and has the ability to control so many outcomes in ones life. For instance, if you’re playing a sport, taking a test, trying to do something that requires a positive result with a negative attitude, I would be willing to say that you won’t win. You may get lucky, but it’s not a sustainable practice. Treat everything you do as if someone is working harder to do better than you. In business, I try to make this my perspective in that someone is always trying to out do my efforts. The idea of someone working harder to do better than me is really what fuels my competitive nature. So while you’re out complaining about not being able to pay a bill, or go on a trip or that something is road-blocking the next opportunity for you please keep this in mind. You have the ability to figure out a solution and produce greatness!

So please! Stop complaining and don’t become a victim of your own obstacle. Make a choice to stay positive and allow yourself to move into a better state of mind. View everything that happens as an opportunity to improve and do get sucked into the vicious cycle of a bad attitude. Start making awesome things happen and please start being thankful for the trials. I hope my rant has done something for you as you may be finding yourself in the middle of a trial.

Don’t get discouraged! Get hungry!

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