Australian Startup Podcasts are now available on Startup Galaxy

Edward Hooper
Jul 15, 2020 · 2 min read

Podcasting has grown rapidly in recent years, and there’s been a surge of high quality podcasts covering the Australian startup ecosystem as a result.

Great local podcasts like The Startup Playbook, This Week In Startups Australia, and Open the Pod Bay Doors have been exploring founders and investors’ stories, decisions, and views, and helping us all learn from each other.

More recently Australian based Venture funds have added their own podcasts with the launch of Square Peg’s Founder Stories and Blackbird’s Wild Hearts to showcase what it’s really like to build a tech startup as a founder and also cover the investor perspective from those who have backed them.

This is a huge repository of experience and information — how and why startups made difficult decisions that turned out to make or break companies; market trends and red flags investors look for; and insights into the ecosystem as a whole. Access to this knowledge has placed countless Australian startups and investors on the shoulders of giants, helping them launch and support innovative new products and services.

We think this is invaluable knowledge, so from today, when a company appears on one of those podcasts, we’ll be linking to it in the Podcasts section of the company’s page on Startup Galaxy.

Podcast episodes on the Square Peg profile page

You’ll be able to hear from founders talking strategy and operations, investors discussing finance and fundraising, and panels discussing the state of the ecosystem, all from right on their Startup Galaxy profile page.

So get listening and get learning, and if you’ve got a podcast you think should be listed, let us know.

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