Startup Berlin — How to Get Started

Startups Berlin — my personal love story!

It’s how I got inspired. Reading about Wunderlist, Soundcloud, Readmill (acquired by Dropbox), the rise and fail of Gidsy …. and many more stories that inspired me to tap into the Berlin Startup Scene in 2011.

A lot has changed.

Everything got bigger.

Everything got more mature, more serious … Berlin Startups — it certainly feels we are on to something — BIG.

In a 2015 worldwide ranking of startup hubs, Berlin is now ranked 9th. It’s risen 6 places. The report also showed that Berlin exit values have grown by a factor of 20 — due primarily to the two big IPOs of Rocket Internet and Zalando. It’s the highest growth rate by far and another reason why Berlin has overtaken many other startup hubs.

But what does this mean for a first time startup founder or aspiring entrepreneur who is based somewhere in Europe?

Move To #Berlin

There is only one advise people will be telling you if you think about starting something.

You must be surrounded by like minded people, by mentors, by experts, by role models to model them and get better. Every single day.
That’s not nearly as quickly achieved as being somewhere in nowhere.

Startup Berlin: How to Get Started

Here a few resources you might find helpful at the start…

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What else? Please leave more resources in the comment section and I will add them to the categories above.

Happy Berlin Startuping :)

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