The Startup Hunter Diary — A Month Long Trip Around Europe — Episode 7

There’s no place like home

Getting inspired

We arrived in London last night, and it feels good to be here. I lived in London for a few months 4 years ago but I haven’t had the chance to comeback since then. I am pumped, and on top of that we are going to meet many amazing people, whether they be entrepreneurs, investors, or anyone in between.

I started the day with a visit to my first team ever. It was great to see what they accomplished in the last 4 years. While catching up with them, I was planning on the meeting we will have this afternoon with the OneRagtime team.

Our day didn’t go as planned as some troubles disrupted our schedule. Though we kept on with our hunting spirits and just moved on. Hopefully we will have a chance to reschedule before we go to Amsterdam, our next destination.

We kept on going and it was so worth it. We already met amazing people during our trip, but today we got truly inspired.

We had the chance to meet with Liam Tootill, founder of Supa Academy. This guy is just amazing. He made it his goal to empower millennials. I won’t even start on his and his business partner’s backgrounds as we’d be here for days, even though they’re both in their 20s.

He wants to give millennials the tools to develop themselves and their careers.

He believes in 3 pillars to inspire millennials:

- Experience needs to be experienced = apply what you learn.

- Experience needs to be enhanced = never stop learning.

- Experience needs to be vested = hard-core commitment.

This encounter truly inspired us. These guys are here to make a great impact on people lives. We couldn’t have been more excited from this meeting. We can’t wait to talk more with him and get inspired by his energy. And we look forward to meet more people like him.

Hopefully he can even introduce us to people like him.

If you are London and want to meet us, please reach out. We are here until Friday.

Hop on the train of the most exciting start-up trip ever made, and travel with us! It shall be fun.

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