My 0.02$ on why Snapchat stories are better than Instagram stories.

I can’t help but feel Zuck is trying way too hard to be like Snapchat. His recent acquisition of MSQRD (an app that lets you apply filters to your selfies, similar to Snapchat) as well as Instagram recently ripping of Snapchat by adding stories to its own app, only proves ONE point. He knows that Snapchat is where its at. What do I mean? Snapchat WILL BE the millennials most preferred social network in the not-so-distant future.

And Snapchat stories will be at the helm of it. So why is Snapchat stories still better than Instagram? Here are 5 reasons :

  1. Simply put, Snapchat is more user-friendly and fun to use than Instagram. Not saying that Instagram is hard to use, but when it comes to intuitiveness and a great user experience, Snapchat and its stories take the cake.
  2. Instagram copied Snapchat. Isn’t this a valid point too? Maybe Snapchat stories was just too innovative a feature to not be copied by the biggest photo sharing app in the world. Kinda says a lot in itself.
  3. Snapchat is tough to use. This point seems to counter my first point but bear with me. Snapchat is tough to figure out for the adults. Adults get confused as to how the app works and thats what we as teens and millennials enjoy most. Sharing our life on a social network completely uncensored and unadulterated without having to give due consideration about who sees our photos and stories. Just how we like it!
  4. Snapchat has always been fun to use as an app with its nifty features along with innovation across the board from snaps that disappear in 10s to the little things like adding awesome filters! Instagram on the other hand, has made a huge mistake adopting the flat redesign which received mostly negative reviews and personally pissed me off. (Kevin or Zuck. If you can read this, please could we have the old Instagram back?)

A lot of these points are subjective and up for debate. Some of them might boil down to user preference and which platform you personally use the most and are a fan of. But no one can deny, Instagram ripped off Snapchat and I don’t think anyone would mind if I generalize by saying Snapchat users will only complain about it for a bit but eventually won’t care because this is where the party’s at! ;)

The new logo is a no-no for me personally.

Do you agree or disagree with the points? Which platform do you personally prefer and why? Leave a comment below.