Why Entrepreneurs Should be on Snapchat?

Snapchat as you know is becoming one of the most attention seeking company in the world! Simply because of the numbers ! 10 Billion video views per day and over 150 Million daily users! When did you last find a app with such a huge metric on DAU in such a short time?

Snapchat as you know started out as a self destructing messaging app where it was used mostly by the youngsters for sexting but slowly Snapchat has managed to come out of this threshold & has been accepted by many after they launched the Stories feature!

As an Entrepreneur, You need to be on Snapchat if your Target Customers are! because the numbers don’t lie — I know most of you have downloaded Snapchat, tried to figure what the hell is happening, before you understand, you close the app, bitch about the shitty UX & then uninstall it forever!

I believe Snapchat would become the next big thing once they come up with more & more features around Discoverability, Availability of Geo Locations across the world etc.
My belief in them grew drastically when they launched Stories, Geo Filters & recently Memories.!

The one most important aspect of the Stories is that you get to see ‘A Day in the Life of...’ of your friend/celebrity/founder/investor etc. And also the Fear of Missing out that it imbibes If you don’t watch it now, it’s going to be gone for ever!

While the number of Snapchat users in India is growing day by day, there aren’t many in our Startup Ecosystem who have explored the platform to it’s fullest. Imagine if You start now and be the first few Startups who can slay it on Snapchat. There is huge opportunity waiting to be grabbed!

Go look up the engagement of People/Startups who utilized the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube & Instagram early on. They can easily sustain today even with mediocre content because of the huge network of followers they had built during the early years!

So here are the Top 5 reasons you better get your act together on Snapchat now!

  1. Best place to reach out to 18–24 year olds who give you attention for 10 entire seconds! Snapchat is not a place for engagement but a place where you’ll get attention. And if you’re stuck thinking these are just kids sending stupid pictures to each other then you’re stuck in the past and simply won’t understand new media and how it’s changing.
  2. This is the new world of advertising. Traditional radio commercials were zapped by satellite radio. Television ads were nuked when digital video recorders careened on scene. And now, even digital recorders are being outrun by instant streaming. Mute buttons, spam filters, pop-up blockers — all are ways audiences keep slipping through marketer’s fingers. It may still be new, but it represents the new age of advertising
  3. What if people actually want to engage with your brand? What if, instead of ducking behind junk settings and filters, people actually pushed a button of their own free will to watch your brand in action? Snapchat introduced a groundbreaking forum, one where people are interested in what you have to say and offer. — ‘STORIES’
  4. Snapchat is part social hybrid and part revolutionary, but adding it as a marketing platform doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. After all, what about all those Facebook fans and Twitter followers you worked so hard to collect? Does Snapchat mean those metrics have an expiration date? Not at all. Existing social platforms can remain healthy even as they drive fans and followers to explore a new sharing tool with you.
  5. Content on the app, while reaching over 100 million viewers, is deliberately temporary and marketing has been prohibitively expensive for all but the most lucrative brands. The app is supposed to be less-than-perfect, and that’s why people love it.
Few tips to Nail it on Snapchat!
1. Most Brands on Social media suck! All they want to do is market their crap! Don’t Market , But Show Product Value.
2. Give, Give, Give, & Then Ask! The best way to get something , is to give something!

Snapchat will give us the next GaryVee of YouTube. It will give us the next homemade superstar, like Justin Bieber. It will grow and dominate in a way that many of you will continue to not take serious. Don’t wait too long. Don’t wait until it’s too noisey and crowded to see the huge advantages and upside you’re looking for.

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