PACKED/The Coca-Cola Challenge

..As a fanatic social media user,I post and share things with everyone almost everyday.
 Who doesn’t anyway?Eh?
Going out for a coffee?Well, that was a nice coffee,let’s spread the word!Vacation time? Beach pics,cocktail pics,food pics with #foodporn hashtag,of course! Most of the times,before posting something,I unconsciously choose a specific social media platform to post a specific picture or status.One year ago,I checked my instagram profile,my Facebook profile and my saved Snaps(Snapchat) in a different way.I regurarly check them almost everyday,but that time I checked them not as the person who posted them,but as the person who viewed them.It really surprised me the fact that I have ‘’labeled’’ each social media platform.Those ‘’labels’’ fully characterise the content I am posting and make me look a totally different person,depending on the platform I choose to post each time.
For example,on Facebook I was the serious person I wanted to look with a colourful detail of socializing and fame.But on Instagram, you could see - you can still see haha-the spontaneous me,a totally different Melpo who loves food,photography and her yellow flip flops!And as I figured it out later, all these were not only because of the ‘’labels’’,but also because of the content viewers. Because my flip flops’ picture with the hashtags #whereareyousummer #mikeareyoureadyforvacations was a reference to my close friends and only to them.The rest of 600 followers of mine were not those I wanted to spend my summer with,because maybe for those,my yellow flip flops are just ridiculous,kitsch or out of fashion.

So…what about a social media platform that you can label it however you wish?

Wake up no make up,who cares?Let’s post it!
PACKED is the solution to this kind of problem.
PACKED is the real you.

And this is from where we started.We wanted to create a social network & instant messaging without social pressure or embarrassment. How? By connecting the stable social relationships of few..Dunbar’s number was one of the theories that inspired us as a team,to think of PACKED. do i join?
You can create a group with minimum three persons by uploading a photo of those three.Want to add a new member to your group?All you have to do is to upload a real life photo with him/her.Sent them an invitation and ask two more friends to approve..
and..That’s it!Welcome to PACKED!
Exclusivity,privacy,free expression,social currency,archive,image-based and text-based are some of the valuable characteristics of PACKED.

Are you ready to get PACKED!?
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

More details about the Coca-Cola Teens App Challenge:
In the beginning of this semester, partners of ADandPRLab Panteion University provided us with a series of challenges that we should deal with till the end of the semester.Coca-Cola Teens App Challenge was one of them, asking for an exciting Coca-Cola app aimed at teens (13–19).And PACKED was right there!In our minds!
By setting the goal of teens’ re-engagement with products from various companies and especially Coca-Cola company,we provide :
Ads and offers(users will be rewarding for creating,updating and using the app) and 
Article Marketing(whole content will be uploaded and distributed from our main website).
Our Marketing Strategy is based on 
-Paid(Social media advertising targeted to upper class students)
-Viral(Word to mouth)
-Sticky(Send content in Social Media Groups)
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I should mention that I feel so grateful for being part of ADandPRLab Panteion University team and for being part of my colleagues’ team (Eirini Andreadaki, Alexis Lorentzos, Dimitris Balios and Yannis Fanis) who have put so much work into this project .Moreso I feel so thankful for having Katerina Vlassopoulou, Spyros Kapetanakis and Betty Tsakarestou by our side by providing us so much useful information and valuable guidance to every step we made.Also,I would like to thank Stefanos Nikas for giving us this amazing oppurtunity to be part of this awesome experience!

No regrets!