#StartUpLab IOT Challenge (my experience)

My team and I really enjoyed being a part of Startup Lab. My team’s name is M-Ad Man and Girls and we took up the IOT challenge because we had big interest on the subject. Personally, I had a great time being a part of this team and working hard to find a good idea to present. We ended up deciding to propose a new ultrasound device, technologically developed, for mothers to be able to watch their baby whenever they please to and then use all the data the device collected in order to produce an artistic material that she will keep forever.

We searched to find what ultrasound devices exist today in the market and we realized that something like what we wanted to promote did not exist. What did exist was: 1) Ultrasound devices for personal use that capture only the sounds of the fetus and then 2) Ultrasound devices that offered image too but only for professional use, not for mothers. Just for injured people.

We came to the conclusion that mothers needed an ultrasound device with good screen resolution and sound provision, available for personal use. Through this device, professionals in the sector of video production would be advertised and mothers would be able to choose one of them and allow him to use the data in order to produce and offer her artistic material. It could not only be video though. It could be a before-after picture of the baby showing his/her development. Or sound material proving the baby’s reactions to external factors. Or even before the baby is born the mother can be able to know what his/her features will look like. What we want to promote through our device is the value of the bonding between a mother and her child. It is so important that the mother needs to have the ability to keep the memories from her pregnancy experience forever.

We needed people to reassure us that our idea was a good idea. So we took interviews from pregnant women or women who have been pregnant before or women that would like to have a baby in the future. We asked them what they thought about our device and if they would buy it during their pregnancy. Most of them answered that they found the idea interesting and that they would be positive to buy it if its price was appropriate for its services of course. It was pretty interesting engaging and listening to these women, even more hearing them saying that they liked our idea.

For our presentation we prepared a power point showing the main points of our idea, a drawing made by our teammate Joanna, showing how we imagined our device would look like and lastly photos of the current 3D ultrasound technology.

Following, here is the drawing we included in our presentation:

Moving on, what I personally offered to my team was my good energy to succeed something worth presenting, I also took a number of the interviews from which we took our results, I searched for the existing ultrasound devices and I had prepared some before-after gif pictures of 3D ultrasound technology which unfortunately for some reason did not work on our power point so we just made collages.

During our presentation, we listened carefully to what the judges had to say, we took into account their observations and we really appreciated their attention. As I previously mentioned, I feel very lucky for being a part of Startup Lab, having a chance to present a startup idea under professional circumstances and in front of specialists of the field, but especially and most importantly I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to be a member of M-Ad Man and Girls. Me, Joanna, Eutihia and Sakis had a great collaboration and we all did our best to succeed a satisfying presentation at the end of the semester.

What I’m keeping from this journey, is the special experience I earned, the hard work we all equally did and the beautiful moments I shared with my team.

#AdandPrLab #StartUpLab Betty Tsakarestou Katerina Vlassopoulou

Team Members: 1) Joanna Gkouma 2) Eftychia Past 3) Sakis Anagno 4) Φωτεινή Τσώκου

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