Founder-friendly legal templates

TL;DR: We're sharing our legal templates with the entire Norwegian startup community. And hey, they’re also free to use. As these are templates, you should obviously consult a professional (lawyer) before you put pen to paper. Find them here.

We want more great tech companies to grow out of Norway, and every day we work to support the entrepreneurs building such companies. For us, this means financing, advice, early-market validation, recruitment, but also helping founders spend less time on stuff they don't have to be experts on.

You shouldn’t have to be a lawyer to start a tech company. Hopefully you’re more interested in building and selling your product, and rather partner up with experts that can help you with all things legal. Through our very close collaboration with the leading tech lawyers at SANDS, our founders are given a lot of assistance. Every week they come to StartupLab for pro-bono work, helping the entrepreneurs spend less time on legal stuff while still getting the result they want.

As an entrepreneur, there are some key documents you have to familiarize yourself with. After helping many of the founders writing up the same documents, we decided it would be more efficient to sit down with SANDS and create founder-friendly templates for all our members to use. So we did, and our legal templates have been shared with, and used by our members for a while now.

But we've realized there's no reason not to share them with the entire Norwegian startup community as well. So as of today, we’ve uploaded the most requested templates to our website, and you can check them out via the link below.

You’ll find founder-friendly templates for shareholder agreement, loan agreement, term sheet, NDA and employee agreement. Obviously, these are only templates and a starting point, and you use them at your own risk. We always recommend consulting a professional before signing any legally binding documents, this is no exception.

Check them out here:

And please note: these documents are not in any way finalized. We've continuously updated them over the past years, and will continue to do so in the future. If you have any input or comments on how we can improve them further, make them more understandable and even more founder-friendly, we'd love to hear from you. Just shoot an email to

We want more great tech companies to grow out of Norway, and we hope this can make it even easier for you to get started. Get to it!