10 Oslo Startups That Are Hiring Interns Right Now 🇳🇴

Working for a newly established company (startup) may not have the brand-name recognition offered by the big players in finance, consulting and tech. However, when a handful of people constitute the entire company’s workforce, every member is critical — including interns, giving you a unique opportunity to shine as a startup intern. While traditional interns normally work to observe, startup interns work to impact. No where else will you get the chance to participate in projects that directly impact users from day one.

We’ve rounded up some exciting Oslo based startups that are looking to hire a variety of interns. Check out the listings below to get a sense of what these awesome companies are doing, and see how you might have the chance to work for them.

1. Inzpire.me

1 Internship available

Founded in 2016, Inzpire.me is an easy and result-driven solution for influencer marketing connecting influential content creators and brands across the globe. Powered by data-driven tools, the platform allows brands to find and collaborate with creators in all channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, as well as measure results and repurpose branded content.

🔥 Customer Success Intern

2. The Lunicorn

2 Internships available

Founded in 2018, The Lunicorn is a brand new mobile video media brand, exploring business culture within the global innovation industry. They travel the world in search of unknown startup stories, uncovering the innovation industry in an easily consumable format (short-form mobile video). To date, The Lunucorn’s content has reached over 1 million people, and they have worked with the likes of DNB, Oslo Business Region and StartupGuide.

🔥 Branding and SoMe Intern

🔥 Production Manager Intern

3. Nabobil.no

1 Internship available

Founded in 2015, Nabobil.no is a marketplace that connects individuals that are in need of a car with others who own a car but don’t use it all the time. Nabobil.no is Norway’s 1t P2P car-sharing platform with close to 200k regstered users and more than 6k cars available for on-demand rent.

🔥 Support Intern

4. ModaResa

1 Internship available

Founded in 2018, ModaResa is an innovative smart-scheduling app tailored to the fashion industry. Launched less than a year ago, ModaResa has already partnered with major brands in the fashion industry, lowering the planning and scheduling time of the average team by 89%.

🔥 Account Manager Intern

5. ACT

4 Internships available

Founded in 2015, ACT is a collaborative marketplace that maps the world of grocery stores and helps shoppers buy sustainably-rated products in a convenient way on the go by finding retailers around the shoppers, by optimizing shopping lists and by providing in-store navigation in all stores.

🔥 iOS Programming Intern

🔥 Android Programming Intern

🔥 Flutter Programming Intern

🔥 React Native Programming Intern

6. SammeVei

2 Internships available

Founded in 2016, SammeVei has developed an app including unique on-demand ride-sharing technology. SammeVei is aiming to transform the way we commute by making it faster and cheaper to share a ride than to drive alone. The company is currently live in multiple major cities in Norway and has partnered with several major mobility organizations.

🔥 Product Development Intern

🔥 Product Management Intern

7. Socius

4 Internships available

Founded in 2016, Socius is developing next generation ad tools to ensure a free and democratic web. The company’s international team works with brands, publishers and agencies in US and Europe and is venture backed by Axel Springer, Google and 500 Startups from Silicon Valley.

🔥 Business Development Intern

🔥 Content Marketer Intern

🔥 Growth Hacker Intern

🔥 Product Evangelist Intern

8. Startup Norway

Multiple Internships available

Founded in 2011, Startup Norway is an umbrella organization for several startup ecosystem initiatives. They have facilitated more than 150 events since their launch in 2011. They primarily help startups grow by creating arenas where startups, investors, key community players & corporates come together to learn and connect.

🔥 Multiple Internships

9. AvantGarde Search

1 Internship available

Founded in 2018, AvantGarde is a brand new recruitment agency providing agile recruitment services, tailored to startups and rapidly growing tech companioes. The company aims to disrupt recruiting through a proprietary and proven process.

🔥 Recruiter Intern

10. Vtella

1 Internship available

Founded in 2018, Vtella is an independent marketplace making it easier for volunteer groups to implement their sales opportunities. More than 30 of the most active Norwegian suppliers are represented on the platform, with over 200 products. Despite being launched less than a year ago, the company already has multiple paying customers.

🔥 Marketing & Support Intern

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