Wireless Broadband, On Demand

The Story of Airborne Access, a Band of Brothers, and How Fortune Favors the Beer Drinker.

Freeing the Filipino From the Cubicle

A Sign in Every Storefront

fig 1.1 — Digital Decals. Airborne Access would not be the last technology company to advertise with storefront decals. Can you match the decals above to their respective brand associations?
fig. 1.2 — Jay’s vision for Airborne Access
fig. 1.3 — Which do you follow?

Were scratch cards the silver bullet?

fig 2.1 — Know your customer (KYC) in the extreme
fig 2.2 — Brand Luck. For all the difficulty Jay had signing up enterprise clients, he at least had positive branding on his side. Around this time, the [HBO] miniseries Band of Brothers had become popular, which detailed the travails of Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division in World War 2.
fig 3.1 — Jay on his Airborne Access WiFi Launch Tour with then upstart network device company Linksys.

The rise of the mobile worker

fig. 3.2 — Can you pass this alphanumeric eye test? These are some of the letters and numbers that are commonly misidentified in smaller print, which can lead to inconvenience (like a misread password) as much as catastrophe (as in a misread prescription)

What God must see

The great Greenbelt heist

BAND of BROTHERS — The co-founders today. L-R Tony Abello, Jay Fajardo, and Papittee Madamba
fig. 5.2 — Jay’s vision realized.



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