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Exclusive Data on Startup Funding in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with Equidam

This time we do not interview an entrepreneur or investor from GSA, but we speak to Daniel. His startup equidam helps to value startups. He shares exclusive data with us on the GSA startups.

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The Founder

We hear from Daniel Faloppa (, originally from Italy, but set up equidam ( in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This time we talk about startups and their valuation.

Daniel is originally from Italy, but his studies also took him to Glasgow and Rotterdam, where he set up his company.

Exclusive Data

Here are some insights on startup companies valued by equidam, which went on to raise venture capital. The data only includes startups headquartered in Germany and here only the time span of September 2021 to February 2022. Note that this in itself includes a bias, since not all startups here are included. Startups that are bootstrapped or funded with our consulting equidam can not be included in the data.

We share here this data in order to destroy some false impressions our audience may have gotten. There have been recently massive very early funding rounds recently in Germany, especially in the quick delivery space. Here companies became unicorns in less than 2 years, in some cases in less than one year. That is not the average, these companies are outliers!

Let us dive a bit into the equidam data to reflect a bit more on the reality of the current state of startup funding in Germany right now.

  • Most startups are around 2 years old when they raise their first funding of more than 1 m Euros having two founders and (on average) a bit over two additional employees.
  • With slightly over 4 years startups normally raise more than 2.5 million Euros in Germany, having one and a half founders, but more than seven and a half employees.
  • With more than 5 years on average, they raise more than 5 million Euros. Here startups are generating a positive EBITDA (see below) and have two and a quarter founders, but already more than 15 employees.

If you dig a bit into the data you will see that there is a big difference between the startups raising up to 5 m Euros and the ones raising more than 5 m Euros. On average the startups raising more than 5 m Euros generate a positive EBITDA, making more than 320.000 € revenues in the previous year, with a team of two and a quarter co-founders and above 15 employees.

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The Interviewer

This interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Reach out to him:

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