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Fintech Review 2022 — Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Management Summary

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Introduction to our Fintech Review

  • Meeri Savolainen, CEO and Co-Founder of Insurtech INZMO
  • Luca Frignani, CEO and Co-Founder of Credit Platform Exaloan
  • Henrik Gebbing, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Crypto Custody Bank Finoa
  • Frank Schwab, Co-Founder of the Fintech Forum and multiple supervisory board member
  • What was the most important development in the fintech world in 2022?
  • Do you think fintech has peaked in terms of investments — as some data suggests?
  • What is the next hot topic in fintech? Is crypto making a comeback or are we all focusing on API tools for embedding finance functions?
  • If you have one: What was the most interesting fintech development for you during corona?
  • If you have one: What was the most important piece of news in 2022?

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