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ROWS brings Spreadsheets to the Age of APIs

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The first version of what is today Excel was coded in 1979. … Google Sheets was invented in 2006. … They were both invented before the age of APIs and SaaS tools

Torben Schulz, Founder and COO of Rows

Executive Summary

Torben started the company after stints as a consultant in Germany and Brazil, as well as a Master's in the US. Rows turns spreadsheets into a webpage or a web app with a few clicks. It takes spreadsheets to the current age because the two most popular versions are 40+ and 15+ years old at their core.

Every 7th person in the world is a spreadsheet user.
Torben Schulz, Founder and COO of Rows

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With Rows we pick on the crown jewel of Microsoft Office. It is the world’s No 1 productivity tool

Torben Schulz, Founder and COO of Rows

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I grew up in a family that was the opposite of entrepreneurial.
Torben Schulz, Founder and COO of Rows

The Video Interview is set to go live on Thursday, May 16th, 2022

The Audio Interview

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The Founder

Torben Schulz is the founder and COO ( of ( Torben is a fascinating person, speaks 4 languages: German, English (he graduated from Harvard Kennedy School), Portuguese (he lived in Brazil for 3 years), as well as French (he studied in Montpellier). He also worked at BCG, Roland Berger, and Teaching Assistant at Harvard before starting his first startup. is his 2nd startup.

The Startup

Rows is a platform that allows users to create applications using only spreadsheet skills. They re-invent spreadsheets for using SaaS, and APIs, and convert them into web pages or web apps. Rows is a spreadsheet that gives you access to business data and APIs. You can find and enrich companies and people, track stock prices, send emails, and more. All using your spreadsheet skills! Register your free account here:

Rows is Hiring

Learn more here:

They have two offices in Berlin, Germany, and in Porto in Portugal. They are offering remote-only jobs and hiring for these positions in 23 countries.

Venture Capital Funding

Rows is currently well funded but may look for additional funding in 2023. Reach out to Torben to learn more.

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The Interviewer

This interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Reach out to him:

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