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Vicampo Group Exit 2021 was worth 125 mn €

congerdesign via Pixabay

Vicampo Group is based in Mainz, which is part of Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine area. It is, therefore, no surprise that they are selling the fine wine and sekt (German version of Champagne) there.

In August 2021 Vicampo Group announced its sale to Viva Wine Group AB. Now Viva Wine went public in December 2021 on NASDAQ. The German eCommerce blog Exciting Commerce brought to our attention that they had to disclose the purchase price of 1,314.6 SEK, which equals approximately 125 mn Euros (~140 mn US$) in their IPO prospectus (Link opens prospectus as PDF).

They write:

“On 3 August 2021, Viva Wine Group AB acquired 100% of the shares and votes in the German company GmbH. The company is an e-commence actor and operates two online shopping platforms — Vicampo and Weinfürst — with sales in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and France. Both of these platforms target the lower price segment and thus complement Viva Wine Group’s existing business, which is targeted at a higher price segment. This acquisition also provides Viva Wine Group with a leading market position in Germany. The company expects positive synergy effects by coordinating the operation of these companies and the platforms. GmbH has total assets of SEK 374.3 million. The purchase consideration amounted to SEK 1,314.6 million and was paid in cash.



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