Constraints creates opportunities on NCB Capital Quest

First of all congrats to Moses Chybar, perceived an underdog but a deserving champion. Best of luck in his investment negotiations.

I was particularly impressed with the challenges. With what seemed like a few hours to prepare, the teams executed on deliverables that typically take weeks to do.

Moses may not have been the most creative, or flashy but he knew his numbers more than anybody else and when it was critical he could get the required information in.

He was a team player by virtue of his constraints and through acknowledging them and playing to his strengths he came out on top.

It dawned on me reflecting on the whole season, that is was leveraging those constraints, of the team, deadlines, target and budget that allowed the teams to accomplish so much. Recording these constraints so team members are held accountable is why companies formalize and why corporate governance is important.

Despite the difficulties in the process, formalizing has real value. StartupRobot can help with this. Visit our site to learn more.

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