Innovation Works Announces New Managing Director for Hardware

By Jim Jen, IW Chief Operating Officer

I am very pleased to announce that Mike Formica will be joining Innovation Works as our Managing Director for Hardware/AlphaLab Gear. In this role, he will be responsible for leading our strategy, investments and programs in hardware, building upon a strong foundation that includes AlphaLab Gear, Scalable, and other offerings serving physical product companies.

Mike brings an important background and experiences to help drive IW’s strategy in hardware, robotics and manufacturing and will support entrepreneurs building such companies in the region. He is a multiple-time entrepreneur, having led three companies to exits, including one of the first autonomous vehicle technology companies in the region and most recently, Three Rivers 3D, a 3D imaging company in the IW portfolio.

Mike has shown his commitment and passion for helping entrepreneurs as he has been one of the most active and giving mentors for AlphaLab Gear since its inception and has helped numerous companies in the region on critical technical, manufacturing and go-to-market issues. He has also been an Entrepreneur in Residence at University of Pittsburgh and is currently an Adjunct Professor at CMU, teaching “How to Start and Grow a Hardware Company.”

We are excited to have Mike lead IW’s efforts to help grow the Pittsburgh Hardware and Robotics community. You’ll hear more about Mike (and from Mike) in the weeks ahead but I just wanted to share this good news before the holidays!.

Please join me in welcoming Mike!




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Innovation Works

Innovation Works is one of the nation’s most active seed funds. AlphaLab (AL), ALGear, and ALHealth are nationally ranked startup accelerator programs of IW.

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