Making Digital Advertising Smarter

How AI Improves Contextual Targeting

Digital advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Everyday consumers reach for their phones, laptops and tablets to get the latest news. With access to the broad reach of audiences multiplied by the frequency they check their devices, delivering your message to someone’s fingertips is now possible in ways advertisers never dreamed of before. These exciting opportunities provide a seemingly endless supply of content that advertisers can utilize for ad space, but they also bring challenges that could make or break your brand’s reputation.

How do you know if a website is safe to advertise on? With misinformation campaigns surging in the past years, there is a dangerous potential for advertisers to appear to align themselves with content that could damage their brand.

Enter AdSkate, a company driven to help advertisers save their budgets and better target their audience set by providing a concise targeting solution set. They study different targeting attributes and run them through a machine learning solution to find the necessary set of videos or domains. In this post, we explore three ways AdSkate evaluates content for their clients.

Contextual targeting — Instead of prioritizing personal data from digital consumers cookies, AdSkate puts the focus on the content itself. As the first step, it is important to identify the articles that have content relevant to the brand. With the power of AI, they scan the internet and curate potential matches quickly. Advertisers will be able to scale their campaigns and reach audiences they may not have considered targeting before.

Brand safety — In the wide world of internet content it is hard to know what sites are actually safe to advertise on. Harnessing the power of AI, AdSkate is able to screen websites to ensure brands are not wasting their budgets on insecure placements.

Sentiment Analysis — Relevant content does not always mean the best home for your brand. Our algorithm will understand the emotions and opinions behind the content before you advertise. For example, you would not want your car advertised in an article about a car accident.

This content evaluation does not stop with articles, it also includes video. Learn more about that here.

While the future is unknown with changing privacy regulations and laws affecting the advertising ecosystem, AdSkate’s solution enables advertisers to continue executing campaigns in an effective and seamless manner. Their machine learning solution studies a variety of domains and video content in real-time, providing clients a variety of places to reach their audience. When asked about the future landscape of digital advertising, the founders response was simple: “We believe that the placement intelligence tool that we have built is going to be the way of moving forward.”



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