#PortfolioCompany: RIMSYS

We’re excited to announce our investment in Rimsys. Learn about the company below.


Website: www.rimsys.io

Founder(s): James Gianoutsos

Description: RIMSYS is a collaboration hub to help medical device companies actively navigate the changing regulatory landscape. RIMSYS offers a suite of cloud-based regulatory affairs software solutions for the medical device industry to manage global product registrations, standards, essential principles, regulatory documents, and more.

The problem: Medical device companies want their products in the hands of the people who need them the most. However, the digital maze of global regulations is constantly shifting and is loaded with dead ends and delays that put businesses at risk. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure that their products adhere at all times to the constantly changing and evolving regulations and need a streamlined solution for ensuring compliance.

The solution: Rimsys regulatory Management Software.

IW’s take: As the international healthcare market and world supply chain becomes ever more complicated, Rimsys is well-positioned to make the management of the processes much more cost-efficient and actionable in real-time. Rimsys’ executives brought nearly 50 years of experience in the regulatory field to design their fully-featured product and a strong industry network. Their pilot programs and commercial traction with SMBs all the way up to multibillion-dollar divisions of international conglomerates demonstrated market fit and demand. — Larry Miller, Managing Director of Life Sciences, Innovation Works



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