Meet the Co-Founders of Webvizio Dan Ponomarenko & Alex Malashkevych
Meet the Co-Founders of Webvizio Dan Ponomarenko & Alex Malashkevych.

Q&A With Webvizio Co-Founders Dan Ponomarenko & Alex Malashkevych

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5 min readNov 29, 2022


Meet the team simplifying customer feedback communication in the web development process.

Webvizio is a visual feedback collaboration platform that bridges communication gaps between digital teams, agencies, and their clients while working on revisions of websites or web-based applications. We sit down with the founders Dan Ponomarenko (CEO) and Alex Malashkevych (CTO) to learn more.

Webvizio showing feedback on website design with tasks and tags.

Could you provide background on your experiences and what led you to this idea?

Coming from web development (Alex) and digital marketing (Dan), we always struggled with finding a way to organize and streamline web projects development communications without having to use a bunch of different tools (messengers, emails, screenshots, video calls, etc.).

After managing dev teams and working with remote freelancers for years, we thought there must be a better way to provide and receive transparent feedback for digital work. We thought, why not create a platform where you can leave tasks on a design, bugs, and content directly on a live website?

How did you explore creating your product?

Thanks to the pandemic, the rest of the world felt the same way, so we thought that was the right moment for us to go and build the platform of our dreams that everyone can benefit from — cut off the extra noise, gain control, and see clearly what’s going on with your web project.

Communication of bug on the mobile version of a website.

Why are you the best team to champion this product?

We came from the same background — web developer on one side and in-house digital marketer on the other. So, we know all paint points from both sides and how it’s important to collaborate with your team effectively, get a clear picture of who is doing what, and get your message across.

What were some things when developing Webvizio that surprised you?

The amount of work you need to do before building the platform itself. We had to think through every single aspect — user journeys, notification flow, platform UI/UX, and, of course, the revenue model, even before we started digging into development.

How did you make sure your product was a reflection of your target audience’s needs?

We are web developers, marketing experts, copywriters, designers, and project managers who work on both sides of the communication barriers, so we struggle ourselves with missed revisions, confusing comments from clients and managers, missed deadlines, and frustration of miscommunications between teammates, just like our customers. Our experiences give us the certainty that our product can help other folks just like us to do better.

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What has been some of the customer feedback?

For the past six months, we have received a ton of positive feedback from our beta users. The initial product launch in May 2022 attracted over 3,000 website owners, digital agencies, developers, and digital teams across 115 counties.

Our customers found our product incredibly helpful because it reduces revisions and communication with clients and teammates. One of the customers, a family-own web agency, even called our product a “marriage saver” because it helped partners, both involved in the web development process, communicate better 😊

We think communication with our users is a key to success, and we found a great way to gather customer feedback besides support inquiries — an online product roadmap, open publicly, where users can suggest improvements and new features or vote on already proposed ones.

How does AlphaLab help you reach your goals?

We applied for the Alphalab program realizing that even though we understand our customers and their pains, we might need to gain some knowledge in other areas of expertise, including financial planning, accounting, and investors relationship. We hope that AlphaLab, with its extensive mentorship programs and connections with the network of investors, partners, and potential customers, will help us to create a better company and upscale our business.

What is next?

Our vision is to be the best single web collaboration platform that helps business professionals communicate better on web projects. We are constantly improving the product, adding new functionality and integrations with third-party productivity software, and building new features based on customer feedback. We will continue closely communicating with our customers to ensure we deliver solutions that suit their needs.

Our goal for 2023 is to continue our expansion in the US and European markets by establishing and improving our product-led model, creating successful marketing programs, and building a solid operational model unique to our business. We estimate to expand our customer base to 15,000 subscribers by the end of 2023.

With Webvizio, users can comment on each other's tasks.

What is the most important thing for readers to know about what Webvizio does and how that’s beneficial to users?

Webvizio, in a nutshell, is a website/web-based app feedback tool, website review software, and bug reporting tool that allows our customers to collaborate on R&D, Design, UX, and Content tasks in real time.

You can assign tasks, comment, or even add video feedback on live websites, leave visual feedback for your team, and pin any web element, piece of copy, or bug to work on, both on desktop and mobile.

Webvizio has a set of tools that can help project managers handle complex projects more efficiently with activity logs, deadlines, productivity reports, and real-time notifications through email, messengers, or other popular productivity tools and planners that you can integrate with.

How can consumers follow you?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also follow us on Product Hunt and join our Facebook community.

Outside of work, what do you like to do in your free time?

Dan — cooking, reading books, traveling, spending time with family and friends.
Alex — coding, spending time with a family and wife, hiking, and gaming.



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