Up in Smoke: Helping People Quit for Good

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Jan 4 · 2 min read

Hale Therapeutics Takes on One of America’s Deadliest Addictions

While the number of smokers has decreased over the years, nicotine addiction still remains the largest preventable cause of illness and death. According to the American Cancer Society, smoking causes 480,000 deaths in Americans annually, that is about 1 in 5 deaths. These numbers do not take into account the vape users and the damaging effects of vaping on the lungs.

Nicotine cessation plans and nicotine replacement treatments have not changed much throughout the years and remain largely ineffective. Approximately 15–20% of smokers successfully quit smoking using these methods. Thankfully, the smokers who haven’t been able to quit using traditional methods have a new solution — Hale Therapeutics’s Nicotine Reduction Therapy.

Hale Therapeutics meets nicotine users where they are by combining physiological and psychological innovations. Physiologically, Hale Therapeutics’ device effectively reduces the amount of nicotine over time, automatically and gradually, while inversely delivering a drug-free formulation that provides a consistent smoke experience to the users. Psychologically, Hale Therapeutics offers an app to provide smokers with a tailored cessation experience.

Hale Therapeutic’s Nicotine Reduction Therapy device and app

The combination of the physiological and psychological cessation methods makes Hale Therapeutics different by:

  • Not trying to change any of the smokers habits

Nicotine addiction has been and remains prevalent in America. Luckily, Hale Therapeutics wants to provide a solution to end nicotine addiction forever.

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