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5 Unique Tips for a Young Businessman

Don't read if you're old.

Of course there are many ways to run a business (you older people already know this, right? Thanks…

Media you will be using in 2014 (and probably 2015)

No matter whether you are just an “average” user checking your Facebook news feed two times per day, or a…

How to Get to the Bottom of Your Problems before They Get on Top of Your Startup

A big-ass article about a big-ass problem of startups.

Ode to Tom Perkins

O, Tom Perkins,
King of VC,
how shall we proclaim
our fealty to Thee?

The Perpetual Motion Machine Called Quora

Scribbled by: @stvmcg

There are brilliant people on Quora.

Integration is not just a growth hack. Sometimes it’s necessary.

(And if you can’t integrate, just get creative.) 

Today’s Bitcoin Panic Explained

What you need to know about the Mt. Gox exchange fiasco.

Our mainstream media—already so good at covering important issues like…

You’re Not Talking at Anybody, You’re Having a Mutually Beneficial Conversation

Don’t shred; there’s a way to hack content.

Do we need yet another curation? Yes, we do.

It’s all about growth, baby.

It’s so hard to keep up with all the amazing content out there! This is why there are so…

Getting A Website Launched

The blood, sweat and mainly tears behind launching

Blogging our new tech employer portal into life

Curated London tech employer infos for coders

We think that applying for technical jobs will change in the…

Pitch me this Billion dollar idea

Or how we lost focus from building the product to chasing after the wind

The Single Biggest Reason Most Entrepreneurs Fail

and 5 Things You Should Do to Overcome It

Exactly two years ago today, I woke up at 5 in the morning. Yes, I…

How did I get 1,000,000 views in 7 hours?

Scribbled by: @stvmcg

How did I get 1 million views and 2,000 unique visitors to Slingbot in 7 hours?

Today, I hired 6 developers on oDesk.

How to hire on oDesk

Today, I hired 6 developers on oDesk. Here is the message I sent them when I hired them:

Dear Entrepreneurs, You’re Not That Special

An entrepreneurs opinion on entrepreneurs 

As a newbie to the writing scene, I’ve been struggling quite a bit with…

Killing Promotions tab Gmail

Its easy to compose your email in a way that it always land up in the Primary mailbox of Gmail

How to build an audience using Medium.

Scribbled by: @stvmcg

Content is king when you are marketing anything from a startup to a worm farm. (Dumb and Dumber

Tinder’s Big Scaling Problem

An artificial handicap leads to capped network effects

Published March 10, 2014

Idea for expenseless charity

How we found the way to help people for free

Hello everyone, my name’s Gregory and I am from Russia. Once I’ve been sitting in a…

NPO, Help4Cancer.Net Launches New Website to Provide All-In-One Cancer Resources Directory

Help4Cancer.Net Provides Extensive Resources for Professionals & Patients

Ways to get Year-round Customer feedback.

If you search for a business name, and attach the word “reviews”, you’ll see a common result. A handful of reviews on sites like Glassdoor

How the UK’s favourite frozen yogurt company built a business around friendship

A startup story that began on the beaches of Pembrokeshire

Startups and New Stuff
Startups and New Stuff

Beta, alpha, new, and fresh off the factory floor

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