For the majority of my life I’ve felt completely lost when it comes to giving. I never felt I had enough money to give, and have always had the fear that my dollar wouldn’t be put to good use. However, with the recent explosion of technology, and the embracement of social media and crowdfunding, I believe, for the first time in human history, we can put these frustrations behind us. We can create a world where giving is easy, effective and accessible for everyone. That’s why I’ve spent the last year putting everything I’ve learned in the web and marketing industry into creating a company that aims to do just that — I call it Altruist.

The goal is to unite a diverse community of altruists, promote and fund the most effective and transformational charities, find sponsors that share our values and make giving a priority. The best part is that everyone wins in this scenario.

the altruists

Altruists are people with unselfish concern for the welfare of others. It’s our goal to unite these people to create change that couldn’t be achieved individually. Our altruists donate just $1 each month to our featured charity, and in return, get access to deals from our sponsors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a college student living off ramen, or have an established high-paying career, you give the same amount. The individuals that make the biggest difference are the ones who inspire others to join.

the charities

Each month I take the time to find highly rated charities, and feature the best of the bunch along with a description of why they were chosen. The idea is to find a diverse selection so that the donations are being spread across multiple sectors, and to promote the leading nonprofits. Not only does this make for a diverse distribution of donations, but the idea is to incentivize other nonprofits to become leading organizations themselves. To ensure the motivations stay pure, we never charge any of our charities a single dollar and they always get 100% of the donations.

the sponsors

I want to introduce brands that share our values to our community of Altruists. Not only do our sponsors enable us to give 100% of our donations straight to the charities, they get to put their marketing dollars toward a cause. This is something I wish I could have done when working in marketing; countless hours and dollars are spent every day, who says we can’t put that effort to good.

As you might have already gathered, Altruist is about community more than anything, and I want to make connecting with that community as easy as possible. Whether it’s multiple times a day through social media, or if you just prefer to get the monthly newsletter outlining the new charity and sponsor. I want people to connect with Altruist and its community on their terms.

We are quickly approaching 3 billion people online and that number is growing everyday. If I can help a tiny fraction of those people unite around a common cause, I know we can make a better world.

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