3asyR is competing in the ‘New ways to reach your audiences’ battle of our Startups for News competition to be in with a chance to pitch at the GEN Summit 2018. 3asyR is a web app that helps dyslexic people read easily online by allowing them to customise their reading experience. If you would like to vote for 3asyR, you can do so here.

What did you do prior to launching 3asyR?

I am the founder and CEO of 3asyR and I am responsible for the management, marketing, fundraising, and business strategies. I am an accounting graduate from the Technical School in Kavala, Greece and I hold a degree in Journalism and Communications from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. My background includes education seminars in applied accounting and controlling, social entrepreneurship, communications, and new media. I also have professional experiences in business accounting and in media (producing, writing, public relations, and blogging).

What problem are you trying to address for newsrooms?

There are more than 750.000.000 people with dyslexia worldwide; that is one in five people. Journalists with dyslexia can have a hard time reading and processing texts online, especially nowadays that online journalism has become the main form of journalism. These journalists have to spend hours reading a text again and again in order to extract the main points or to write a summary. 3asyR also offers a version adapted for websites of media organisations, in order to make them more accessible to an audience with reading difficulties, as part of their corporate social responsibility. You can check how the tool works on the website of the Greek News Agency.

3asyr helps dyslexics to read online

How are you attempting to solve the problems described above?

Out tool contributes to the increase of news productivity, as it helps journalists with dyslexia to read online texts faster and more easily, with customised options to fit their needs.

AMNA, the Greek news agency, already implemented 3asyR

What sets you apart from your competitors? List three elements.

  1. Fully customised experience;
  2. Easier and faster app;
  3. Better price.

What is your business model?

B2C: (Chrome extension) — For all individuals with dyslexia willing to pay and install the tool (Monthly, semester, annual license).

B2B : (Web plugin on the site) — All news organisations and enterprises that want to meet their social corporate responsibility.

What are your next steps?

We plan to launch a version for mobiles and tablets, a PDF feature, and we will target the Middle East Market by developing an algorithm for right to left reading. We’re also planning a strategy for a marketing campaign.