8 Startups that will Accelerate your Newsroom

Startups for News is an international competition that rewards the best start­ups bringing novel solutions to newsroom challenges. Discover the 8 finalists of this year’s programme.

Flying Content creates and delivers location-aware information to today’s reader through mobile phones, wearables and smart cars. The right information, at the right place, at the right time.

HelloToken enables content producers to earn ten times more than with advertisements or paywalls by posing a simple, one-click question from market researchers to users.

Lemmeno elevates online content sharing to an interactive & engaging experience — increasing traffic and providing publishers with robust insights on sharing behaviour on top messaging and social platform.

Niwzii turns current news into video games, supporting journalists to increase the reach, interaction and engagement of their work in minutes.

Sqoop helps reporters unlock stories from public records, like securities disclosures, patent applications and grants and court records, helping them get the scoop.

Trint’s browser-based platform converts any audio or video file to text in minutes. Trint’s interactive editor marries audio to the text, making it easy to search and polish transcripts to perfect.

Valossa creates AI-powered video analysis solutions that enable the discovery of relevant content in the most natural way. It has built Val.ai, a platform capable of analyzing any video stream automatically identifying thousands of concepts and themes.

Verifeye Media is a technology-driven visual news agency, representing freelance journalists and accidental eyewitnesses. It verifies, curates, licenses, and distributes verified eyewitness media, in real time.

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