Genially is competing in the ‘Make it visual!’ battle of our Startups for News competition to be in with a chance to pitch at the GEN Summit 2018. With Genially, anyone can create effective interactive content in a fast and accessible way, without needing programming skills. We asked the team a few questions about their startup. If you would like to vote for Genially, you can do so here.

What did you do prior to launching Genially?

Genially was launched by three founders: Juan Rubio (CEO), Chema Roldán (CTO) and Luis García (CMO). Before founding Genially, we all used to work in different sectors. Chema Roldán was an outstanding technology consultant at the firm Avanade. Juan and Luis had their own separate companies and performed successfully as CEOs. Before all of this, we have lived in Madrid, Holland, Barcelona, and Australia, and worked for companies such as BBVA, RTVE, DKV, Y&R, and Telefónica. All of this experience has contributed to — and continues to enrich — Genially.

What problem are you trying to address for newsrooms?

The saturation of content has created a need for communication to be distinctive to be able to compete. Interactive content allows you to create engaging communicative experiences for your audience — sounds like the perfect solution, right? But creating interactive content is expensive, hard to use, and you need to know programming to make it. This — aggravated by the natural speed of media and life today — doesn’t allow us to create very complex content.

How are you attempting to solve the problem described above?

With Genially you don’t need to know any programming. With Genially you can create complex engaging content at the speed and price that life demands. We empower the autonomy of journalists, editors, infographists, and designers without having to increase their current skill sets. With Genially newsrooms can create awesome interactive content with great design quickly and easily.

We allow media organisations and newsrooms to rely on themselves to create amazing interactive content quicker than they are doing now and with fewer resources. We have democratised HTML5.

Media like the Huffington Post (USA), Gulf News (UAE), Grupo Prisa (Spain), L´Équipe (France), Le Figaro (France), Clarín (Argentina), DP (Russia), and RTBF (Belgium) are using Genially to create communicative experiences for their audience quickly and easily.

What sets you apart from your competitors? List three elements.

  1. Versatility: The type of content that you can create is limited only by creativity. You can add interactivity, animation, or embed online content without any programming skills. We provide you with engaging templates or you can create your own.
  2. Ease of use/Accessibility: The tool can be used by anyone who has worked with any content programme such as illustrator, power point, photoshop, etc. It’s a very intuitive and user friendly tool.
  3. Customer centricity: Our most valuable assets are our customers, who help us define the product, the service, and the improvements we are implementing. We are there to help you when you need it.

What is your business model?

We have tested and polished our revenue model to subscriptions. We differentiate subscriptions for professional purposes (media, corporations, etc.) from those for educational centres, focusing on the different needs our customers have. Please visit our pricing page to dive deeper into the type of subscription plans we offer.

What are your next steps?

We released version 3.0 of our tool in Q1 2018. During Q2-Q3 2018 we are releasing a new version of the editor, which is where the magic happens. We will also be releasing more service oriented tools boosting our users success and and we will also bolster marketing efforts. In 2018 a new round of funding will take place.

If you would like to vote for Genially, you can do so here. You can also contact Genially to ask further questions here.