Jamatto won the ‘Micropayments to the rescue’ battle of our Startups for News competition and won a chance to pitch at the GEN Summit 2018. With Jamatto, digital publishers can engage directly with their customers to offer fair and transparent value exchange.

What did you do prior to launching Jamatto?

James and James first met in 2001 while working on the foundation of Barclays Capital’s award winning BARX trading platform. While one built the UX & GUI, the other built the trading and risk management infrastructure. They took BARX from a pie-in-the-sky idea through to become the e-commerce platform of choice for tens of thousands of Barclays customers. After going their own ways for 15 years, they have come together again — armed with deep experience in electronic payments, machine learning, and internet security — to build Jamatto.

What problem are you trying to address for newsrooms?

The publishing model is facing two major threats:

1. Ad revenues are under pressure because of adblocking, competition from tech giants, consumer privacy concerns, and regulation.

2. Consumers are less inclined to subscribe to a single newspaper as they move from print to digital.

Micropayments provide a novel and viable third source of revenue while simultaneously supporting and bolstering both subscription and advertising revenue streams.

Jamatto created an online game to show how much revenue publishers are losing to other platforms. You can play it here.

How are you attempting to solve the problems described above?

With a single line of non-technical HTML, we allow publishers to instantaneously enable:

  • ad-blocking;
  • archiving;
  • distribution of premium content;
  • diaspora monetisation;
  • A/B/n testing for messaging;
  • price-point;
  • design;
  • jurisdiction;
  • and handling of payments and taxes in 10 currencies internationally.

Our quickest customer so far went live in just 3 hours!

What sets you apart from your competitors? List three elements.

We are a solution that is a single line of non-technical HTML. We use machine learning to make micropayments work. We have deep backgrounds in payments, finance, and machine learning.

What is your business model?

We share 20% of our customers’ additional revenues. Our potential customers are the 1000+ national and local newspapers, 100k+ large bloggers and vloggers, and countless other vertical industries that sell digital content online.

What are your next steps?

Massive up-scaling of our sales team to spread the good word about how our solution is working for newspapers across three continents. Incremental improvements to our machine learning — both for determining optimal price points and engagement messaging.

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