The 8 startups that will upgrade your newsroom

After two months of pitch battles, we have selected the 8 startups that will present at the GEN Summit. Whether you are interested in monetisation, automated journalism or audience engagement, we have found tools and services that will accelerate your newsroom. Discover our 2017 finalists:

How Blocktrough works


Helps online publishers recover the revenue they are losing to adblockers. Blockthroug uses its patent-pending Accelerated Ad Reinsertion™ (AAR), that identifies adblock users in real time, enabling ad delivery that can’t be detected by ad blockers. At the same time, adblock users see non-interruptive ads that load faster, have no malware, use less bandwidth and don’t invade their privacy.

Croma dashboard


A content distribution analytics platform for news organisations that tracks the organic social distribution to help publishers easily see which stories are generating engagements and ultimately driving readers a website. It also allows to benchmark a publication against its competitors, displaying this information across the newsroom, helping to make editorial decisions when organising a homepage or distributing content on social media.

Flourish globe template


A powerful and flexible platform for quickly and efficiently producing high-quality interactive content, including data visualisations, maps and explainers. It is a solution for non-coders allowing them to produce interactive visuals, stories and interactives based on flexible templates, but also for newsroom developers, allowing them to come up with their own templates.

An example of a Muuze embed


A new AI driven approach to creating, publishing, verifying and tracking content on the web. It enables writers to create more compelling content through intelligent discovery and embedding reliable information that others have written. This allows content to be distributed over the web in a verified way.

The Politibot bot in action


Allows news outlet to build a chatbot in an easy way. The natural language processing system used by this startup provides a tool for a more personal communication with the audience. Politibot is currently available on Telegram and Facebook Messenger. During the Spanish election campaign, 60% of its users talked with the chatbot at least once a day.

In the weeks leading up to the GEN Summit, Teleport, the winning startup of the second online pitch battle, redefined their business plan away from the media industry, and could not take part in the competition anymore. Among the 8 runner-ups from the pitch battles, the jury voted for Populate to re-enter the competition.


Populate is an international studio focused on strategic design and technology for civic engagement. We develop projects for third-party customers such as the ICIJ, as well as building their own products, such as Populate Data or Gobierto. The team is composed of specialists in user experience, design, data analysis, and programming.

What PushApps brings to notifications


Makes push notifications more valuable to the reader and more profitable to the publisher. It also makes them more personalised, engaging and interactive. More personalised by sending each user the content based on their profile and more engaging while automatically getting actions from inside the app to the push notifications. Is is also more interactive with polls and feedback features.

Urbs Media stories in the UK national press

Urbs Media

An editorial agency that combines human-authored data journalism with automation to deliver data-driven stories daily and on a large scale. By exploiting the growing supply of open data, this startup uncovers strong local news stories, combining journalism with technology to deliver these stories on a scale that could not be achieved through human effort alone.

About Startups for News

Startups for News is an international competition that rewards early-stage startups working on high-impact and daring solutions for the news industry. Every year, GEN, in partnership with selects the best startups that address newsroom challenges through dynamic and innovative products or services. To learn more about the programme, click here